Why is the “Photo Download Directory” option disabled?

Posted by: on Mar 26, 2019

Smart Shooter exposes an option for controlling where the photos are saved to, which is named Photo Download Directory. However if Smart Shooter has been purchased and downloaded from the Apple Mac App Store, then this option is disabled. This means that the Photo Download Directory cannot be changed. To get an app accepted on the Apple app store, it has to confirm to a set or requirements from Apple. One of these requirements imposes restrictions on the location where an app can read and write files. Effectively this restriction means that Smart Shooter can only save photos to the user’s “Pictures” folder. This is why the option to change this is disabled in Smart Shooter. If you have purchased from the Apple app store, but need to customise this option, then please contact us at support@tethertools.com. We can then allocate you a license, allowing you to download and use the version of Smart Shooter from our website, which does not have this restriction.