Skyler Burt’s Ultimate Flat Lay Setup

Posted by: on Sep 28, 2023

Skyler Burt’s Ultimate Flat Lay Setup

In the world of flat lay photography, creating stunning tabletop photos requires precision, creativity, and the right equipment. Skyler Burt, a renowned food photographer and content creator, recently shared his secrets for achieving impeccable overlay photos, particularly in the realms of food, beverage, and cocktail photography. In this article, we’ll delve into the array of Tether Tools products that Skyler relies on to secure and power his ultimate flat lay setup to elevate his craft. (Check out the Ultimate Flat Lay Photography Kit by Skyler Burt here)

Tether Cable: Unleash the Potential of Tethering

One of the essential components of Skyler’s flat lay photography setup is the TetherPro Cable. Tethering allows for real-time image transfer from the camera to a computer or tablet, enabling photographers to review and adjust their shots instantly. With Tether Tools’ high-quality TetherPro USB-C to USB-C Cable, you can ensure a secure and fast connection, making your overlay photography sessions smoother and more efficient.

TetherPro VS Other USB Cables

TetherBlock: Secure Your Tethering Connection

To keep your tether cord securely in place and prevent accidental disconnections, Skyler uses the TetherBlock cable management. This simple yet effective device ensures a stable connection between your camera and computer, eliminating any worries about interruptions during your table top photoshoots.

AeroTab Master Kit: Your Companion for iPad or Tablet Tethering

For photographers who prefer using an iPad for tethering and live previews, or a tablet to mirror your desktop monitor, the AeroTab Master Kit is a game-changer. It securely holds your iPad or tablet with the AeroTab, Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm, and Rock Solid Master Clamp for perfect viewing position, giving you a clear look at your shots and making adjustments a breeze. It’s an indispensable tool for overlay photography enthusiasts.

Mobile Tethering Kit

Frio Grasp Bigi: Versatility in Mounting

Skyler loves the versatility of the Frio Grasp Bigi, which allows him to securely attach various accessories to his setup including his tablet. Whether it’s attaching a light source, secondary camera, or tablet, the Frio Grasp Bigi keeps everything in place, giving you greater creative control over your flat lay photography.

ONsite USB-C 150W Battery & StrapMoore: Reliable Power Solutions

Consistent power management is critical in flat lay photography, especially during extended shoots. Skyler relies on the ONsite USB-C 150W Battery and StrapMoore to keep his camera and equipment powered throughout his photoshoots. These power solutions ensure that your camera never runs out of juice at a crucial moment.

ONsite Relay C Camera Power System: Streamlined Power Management

To further enhance power management, Skyler employs the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System. These tools provide a streamlined way to distribute power to multiple devices, ensuring that everything runs smoothly during food photography, beverage photography, and cocktail art sessions.

Rock Solid 4-Head Tripod Cross Bar: Expand Your Creative Possibilities

The Rock Solid 4-Head Tripod Cross Bar adds an extra dimension to Skyler’s flat lay setup. It allows for versatile positioning of lights, cameras, and other accessories, enabling creative freedom and flexibility in composing his shots.

Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter and Rock Solid Low Boy Roller: Sturdy Support

To ensure stability and precise positioning of his camera, Skyler uses the Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter and Rock Solid Low Boy Roller. These robust supports allow for mobility in your studio or if you are traveling for a shoot and are essential for capturing impeccable flat lay photographs and maintaining control over every detail.

Rock Solid Low Boy Roller

Ready to Upgrade Your Set Up?

So, if you’re looking to enhance your table top photos and create breathtaking flat lay compositions, explore the end-to-end solutions Tether Tools has to offer and experience the difference that professional-grade equipment can make in your photography journey. Click here for a complete list of Skyler’s Flat Lay Set Up.