Photographic Styles

Architectural Photography


Classical or contemporary; architectural photography can be as challenging as it is rewarding. From gear that needs to be versatile to set ups that can’t require tons of space – there’s a lot that goes into getting that perfect shot. If patience and problem solving aren’t your cup of tea, you’ll find it difficult to create captivating images of buildings and interior spaces.

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Commercial Photographers


Commercial photographers know that a happy client is a long-term client. You know the old adage “time is money” – well that rings true for you and your clients.

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Drone Photographers

A Drone leaving the Aero Drone Launchpad

From setting up and fine-tuning your drone, to having a successful and clean launch, or simply holding accessories, Tether Tools has the solutions that drone pilots need.

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Fashion Photographers


Tethering is absolutely essential for creative collaborations. As a fashion photographer you’ve seen first-hand how working with other talented artists can bring your work to a new level. From the art director to make-up artist, everyone works together to bring a concept to life, and each person needs to see how their part of the equation is contributing to the whole.

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Landscape Photographers


Tether Tools aren’t just for tethering cameras…Many of our tools can also help solve issues that landscape, wildlife, and outdoor photographers commonly face. From getting the camera close to the action with our advanced wireless remote control the Case Air, to launching your drone, or even previewing your shot out in nature, Tether Tools has the solutions that photographers need.

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Portrait Photography


As a portrait photographer, you’re capturing a special moment in someone’s life, but that person is often an untrained model who you must coach through the shoot. Unlike shooting a wedding, you’re not depending on raw emotion and the model’s willingness and joy to be there.

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School & Sports Photography

School and Sports Photographers

School and sports photography can be difficult at times. As a photographer, you’re capturing a special moment in someone’s life, but that personal is an untrained model who may or may not want to be there. Plus, the time you’re able to dedicate to each shot isn’t always as long as you may want it to be.

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Videographers today are taking advantage of all kinds of new tools available to help create truly world-class works of art. If you’re serious about video production, Tether Tools wide range of mounting and cable management tools can help you integrate the latest technology into your kit.

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Wedding & Event Photographers

Wedding and Event

Tether Tools aren’t just for tethering cameras…Many of our tools can also help solve common issues that wedding and event photographers face daily. By streamlining your gear with smart mounting and power solutions, the ideas below can help you reduce the need for bulky gear, and even help you develop additional revenue at each and every event you shoot.

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