Reed Hoffmann Puts the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System to the Test for Super Bowl LVII Parade

Posted by: on Mar 08, 2023

Reed Hoffmann Puts the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System to the Test for Super Bowl LVII Parade

[Watch Reed’s Full Timelapse Video]

Photographer, Reed Hoffmann, has been photographing the Kansas City Chiefs at all of their home games all throughout the 2022-2023 season. When the Kansas City team made it to the big stage once again for Super Bowl LVII and won the game, Reed was tasked with capturing the celebration parade welcoming the team home.

This was not the first time Reed covered this mega celebration. Three years ago when the Chiefs triumphed against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, he covered the welcome parade for the Associated Press. This year was no different!

Image from Reed Hoffman’s location on the roof of the National World War I Museum and Memorial the day of the Super Bowl Parade

On Monday following the victory, Reed worked out the coverage plan for the parade. The day before the parade Reed visited the National World War 1 Museum and Memorial to see about setting up a remote camera. The museum sits on a hillside overlooking Union Station and downtown, and is THE place for an overall photo. 

“The tower is the usual spot to take that picture, but there was nothing I could clamp a camera on up top, and a tripod was sure to get bumped by other media there. When I explained that, my guide asked if I was comfortable with old metal ladders. Now I was intrigued. If I could make it up those two ladders, through a narrow hole in the ceiling and out a small window with my gear, I could set up on the roof of one of their other buildings. And that’s what I did,” says Reed.

The morning of the parade, while still dark, Reed climbed up to the roof of the museum to set up his Nikon camera and tripod. Using the camera’s built-in intervalometer, he set it to start shooting at 10 a.m., one frame every 20-seconds. The goal was to get that overall shot, yes, but also create a timelapse video.

The camera’s battery wouldn’t last the duration Reed needed it to, especially with the brisk cold weather in Kansas City in February. His solution? To replace the battery with the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System with the ONsite 100w Battery Pack by Tether Tools! The ONsite Relay C Camera Power System lets you power your camera continually with any external USB-C battery or AC wall power, providing peace of mind knowing you have an uninterrupted power source for your camera. Check out Reed’s full timelapse video from the day here.

ONsite Relay C with 87W battery

Reed was able to leave his remote camera throughout the entirety of the day on the roof to capture images and timelapse video of the day.

Read more about Reed Hoffman’s experience here.

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