What’s in My Bag with Skyler Burt

Posted by: on Dec 12, 2023

What’s in My Bag with Skyler Burt

The holiday season is upon us! Whether you are looking for ways to elevate capturing your holiday goods, or stock up your photography gear for 2024 Tether Tools has got you covered. We’re thrilled to unwrap the magical world of photography with our special holiday series, “What’s in My Bag.” This edition is all about the essential gear for food and beverage photography, Skyler Burt. Join us as we delve into the festive spirit and uncover the essential Tether Tools gear that makes Skyler’s photography truly extraordinary.

Skyler’s Ultimate Flat Lay Photography Gear

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1. TetherPro USB-C Cable:

Skyler relies on a TetherPro Cable for seamless connectivity and reliability while shooting. With lightning-fast data transfer, the TetherPro Cable ensures that every savory detail is captured instantly, allowing him to focus on perfecting his craft without any technical interruptions.


2. TetherBlock Arca:

The TetherBlock Arca keeps Skyler’s cable secured directly to his camera keeping the tethered connection stable and preventing accidental disconnections during those crucial moments. Skyler can focus on his creative vision, knowing that his camera’s sensitive data port and cable are safe and secure.

3. Rock Solid Low Boy Roller Stand:

The Rock Solid Low Boy Roller Stand provides stability and mobility to Skyler’s photography workflow. It effortlessly glides across the studio floor, enabling Skyler to shift perspectives and angles swiftly. Perfect for commercial photography, food photography, and stop motion shoots, this roller is a game-changer in the world of photography.

4. AeroTab:

For hands-free operation, Skyler turns to the AeroTab. This versatile tablet mount secures his device at the perfect angle, allowing him to preview and adjust settings with ease while keeping his hands free to work culinary magic.

5. ONsite Relay C Camera Power System & Camera Coupler:

Ensuring a reliable power source is crucial in photography. The ONsite Relay C Camera Power System, with its efficient power distribution, keeps Skyler’s devices charged, allowing him to shoot uninterrupted. Skyler maximizes efficiency with the Relay Camera Coupler, eliminating the need for multiple camera batteries. This dummy battery device ensures his camera stays powered throughout the entire photoshoot, making it an indispensable tool in his studio arsenal.

6. ONsite USB-C 150W Battery & StrapMoore:

The ONsite USB-C 150W PD Battery Pack is a powerhouse, providing Skyler with the freedom to shoot on location without worrying about power constraints. Its lightweight design makes it a must-have for any photographer on the move. Skyler keeps his battery secure to his workstation with the StrapMoore. This nifty accessory keeps his workstation organized, ensuring that he can focus on creating mouth-watering images without the hassle of tangled cables or loose gear.

7. Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter:

Versatility is key in photography. The Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter adds flexibility to Skyler’s setup, allowing him to pivot and tilt his camera effortlessly for any type of composition.

8. Rock Solid 2-Head Cross Bar Side Arm:

Creating a workstation that adapts to Skyler’s creative needs, the Rock Solid 2-Head Cross Bar Side Arm supports multiple devices simultaneously. It’s efficiency enables him to manage his entire setup seamlessly from table top to portrait mode.

9. Frio Grasp:

For securing accessories like the AeroTab, Skyler relies on the Frio Grasp. This compact, sturdy device ensures that every tool is mounted securely and within arm’s reach, whether it be his iPad, tablet, lights, or camera, streamlining his workflow and making his photography process smoother.

10. Dual Wing Sand Bag:

Stability is paramount in photography, especially during a stop motion shoot. The Dual Wing Sand Bag anchors Skyler’s equipment securely, providing the stability needed for precision shots and preventing any mishaps.

As the holiday season unfolds, dive into the world of food and beverage photography with Tether Tools. Elevate your craft and explore the Ultimate Food & Beverage Photography Guide to learn more about what the industry leaders recommend for tips and gear for 2024.

Happy holidays and happy shooting!

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