The Food Photographer’s Guide to Tethering

The Food Photographer's Guide to Tethering

Learn how tethering can improve the food photography experience for the client, creator, and consumer.

Food photography is evolving at a rapid pace. If you’re looking for a way to improve workflow but not compromise quality, then tethering is the way to go. For food photography, so much of what can create a successful image is composition and planning. An efficient tethered setup will ensure everything is ready to go before you bring food into the picture.

How does tethering elevate the food photographer’s experience? They can:

  • Connect with clients all over the world: “I was shooting a cookbook and the author was in Australia. I hired a local pastry chef to execute the recipes. We could sync with the author and she’d be able to access the software and see as we’re shooting to ask us to tweak or change something.” -Joanie Simon, professional food photographer
  • Prevent reshooting with real-time requests: One shot and some Photoshop is all you need
  • Establish expectations with clients ahead of post-production.
  • Have the opportunity for scalability.

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