Jeff Carpenter Reviews the TetherGuard LeverLock Plate

Posted by: on Apr 11, 2024

Jeff Carpenter Reviews the TetherGuard LeverLock Plate

In a recent YouTube video by portrait photographer, Jeff Carpenter, the spotlight shone brightly on our latest port protection device – the TetherGuard LeverLock Plate. If you’re serious about tethering (and we know you are!), you understand the importance of a secure and safe cable connection. Jeff himself, a seasoned pro and educator in the photography realm, attests to this necessity.

In the past, Jeff has relied on our TetherBlock, a trusty companion that served its purpose well. But even the best solutions can have their limitations. That’s where the TetherGuard LeverLock swoops in to save the day!

What makes this new addition to the Tether Tools cable management family stand out? Well, picture this: a port protection solution that not only keeps your connection rock-solid but also offers the convenience of easy cable attachment and removal. No need to fuss with removing the entire plate – just a smooth, effortless release that keeps you in the flow of your shoot and gives back valuable time to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Jeff shares his insights and experiences with the LeverLock in his latest YouTube video. But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Dive into Jeff’s review and see the LeverLock in action. Check out his thoughts, observations, and maybe even a few pro tips while you’re at it!

Watch Jeff’s full video here and discover why the TetherGuard LeverLock Plate is the next level of port protection for tethered shooters.