Mark Mann Adds The Pro Tethering Kit to his Professional Photography Workflow

Posted by: on Jan 11, 2023

Celebrity and advertising photographer Mark Mann has been a long-time Tether Tools user. One of the areas that needed improvement in Mark’s photography workflow was a travel-friendly workspace. Mark uses a big digital cart in his studio for his equipment, but when it comes to on-location shoots, the space is often too small for such a large setup. However, with the right equipment, you can have a safe, efficient workstation for your next photography shoot.

Mark recently added the Pro Tethering Kit to his on-location photography workflow and put the kit to the test.

“We took this kit out to a shoot we did on-location, it was a tight space, and I have to say it really did well. Far better than me walking around looking for apple boxes or having my assistant hold my computer for me,” said Mark Mann.

The Pro Tethering Kit comes with a Tether Table Aero, LAJO-4 ProBracket, Aero ProPad, Aero SecureStrap, Aero Cup Holder, Aero XDC, Aero Clip-on Hooks, TetherGuard Cable Support, StrapMoore, and a Tether Table Aero Storage Case.

You can check out Mark’s full review and experience using the kit here:

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