Benefits of Using Pigtail Cables in Your Tethered Set Up

Posted by: on Apr 03, 2023

<strong>Benefits of Using Pigtail Cables in Your Tethered Set Up</strong>

Tethering has become the industry standard in multiple niches of photography. Whether you are a food photographer needing to add extra length to your cable for a Flat Lay set up, a commercial photographer needing more flexibility during a shoot, or are on-location and needing to add some distance to your tethered workflow, using an adapter, or “pigtail” cable with proper cable management will ensure a quick and easy set up.

When shooting tethered many photographers prefer to use a TetherPro Right Angle Adapter Cable, or “pigtail cable” with a TetherBlock keeping their cables secured in place on the camera body, rather than a single longer cable.

There are a few different reasons why you might prefer this option as well.

What is a Pigtail Cable?

The TetherPro Right Angle Adapter Cables are specifically designed to extend down the side of the camera allowing for a quick and easy set up on tethered shoots. These “pigtail cables” ensure a secure fit in the camera for excellent connectivity and data transfer.

These cables are designed to be used with the TetherBlock which secures the cable in place and doubles as a camera plate. Active Extensions and Adapters are then connected to provide a quick release at the connection point, while the TetherBlock protects your camera port and cable from any unnecessary damage.

Extensions & Adapters

With a male USB tip on the end of each TetherPro Right Angle Adapter Cable, photographers can use the TetherPro USB 3.0 to Female Active Extension or the TetherPro USB-C to USB-A Female Adapter to extend the cable length.

Keep Your Cables Safe & Secure

When connecting a TetherPro Right Angle Adapter Cable to the appropriate TetherPro USB Female Active Extension Cable or Adapter it’s important to keep each cable connection point safe and secure. The TetherBlock is protecting the camera port and connection from damage, but other accidents can happen, and making sure the connection point of the two cables, and the connection to your monitor or laptop is safe and secure is just as important.

Whether someone accidentally steps on your cable, or your cable is pulled too hard and loses its connection, adding the TetherGuard Extension Lock secures your cables in place, keeping your cable and ports safe and free from unnecessary damage. Using the TetherGuard will also allow you to keep your connection to your computer safe too.

Swapping Out Cameras? No Problem.

It’s very common for photographers or digi-techs to have multiple camera bodies on set while photographing. With the TetherPro Right Angle Adapter Cables, photographers can keep their cables locked and ready to go on each of their cameras beforehand making changing out cameras onset quick and easy.

With the TetherPro Right Angle Adapter “pigtail” cables and TetherBlock for cable management, photographers can now gain longer tethering distances without worrying about signal error or corrupt data transfers, while keeping all cables and ports free from damage.

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