Tether Tools’ TetherGuard Shines in Professional Photographer Magazine’s 2023 Hot Ones

Posted by: on Aug 09, 2023

Tether Tools’ TetherGuard Shines in Professional Photographer Magazine’s 2023 Hot Ones

At Tether Tools, we’re committed to improving the way photographers work by providing innovative solutions for tethering, cable management, and enhancing the photographer’s workflow. We’re thrilled to announce that our TetherGuard Camera Support has been recognized in the prestigious Professional Photographers Magazine’s 2023 Hot Ones list. This accomplishment not only highlights the exceptional quality of the TetherGuard cable management line but also highlights our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of photographers, ensuring seamless tethering and keeping camera and computer ports free from damage.

The TetherGuard Advantage:

Tethering has become an indispensable practice for modern photographers. It allows for real-time image previews, instant adjustments, and an efficient workflow. However, managing the cables and connections involved can sometimes be a daunting task, leading to potential disruptions and safety hazards.

Enter TetherGuard – a game-changing solution designed to streamline cable management and increase safety of your gear on set. With its innovative design and user-friendly features, TetherGuard Camera Support reduces movement and friction at the camera port.  It has a locking anchor point that sways with the natural movement of any cable connected to a camera. For those looking for a breakaway option, the flip side of TetherGuard provides a heavy-duty magnet that breaks away at extreme pressure caused by a trip of tug of the cable.  Thus giving photographers options for how they want to  protect their ports.

Securing Cables to Fragile Ports and Keeping Gear Free from Damage

The TetherGuard Difference:

  1. Effortless Cable Management: TetherGuard’s intuitive cable management system keeps your workspace organized and clutter-free. No more tangled cables or tripping hazards – just a clean and efficient setup that allows you to concentrate on your craft.
  2. Secure Connections: Say goodbye to accidental cable disconnects. TetherGuard’s secure grip technology holds your cables firmly in place, giving you the peace of mind that your connection won’t be compromised during crucial moments.
  3. Durability and Portability: Crafted from high-quality materials, TetherGuard is built to withstand the rigors of professional photography. Its lightweight and compact design make it a portable companion that can effortlessly fit into your photography gear bag.

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Tether Tools:

The 2023 Hot Ones list by Professional Photographers Magazine, is the annual awards issue for the official publication of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  

Tether Tools is committed to aligning our products with the needs and aspirations of professional photographers. The inclusion of TetherGuard in the 2023 Hot Ones list is a testament to our dedication to solving the daily challenges photographers face so they can that optimize their creative process and elevate their work.” said Josh Simons, Tether Tools CEO. 

Experience the TetherGuard advantage today and discover how this well-designed tool can transform your tethering experience into a seamless, organized, and safe process.

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