Sending Windows process dump to Support

Posted by: on Mar 26, 2019

If you are using Windows and encounter a hang with Smart Shooter, its very useful to send us the process dump from Task Manager, as this contains extra information about exactly why the application is stuck. First, start Task Manager. There are several ways of doing this:
  • On the keyboard, press the CTRL + LEFTSHIFT + ESC keys
  • On the keyboard, press the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys to show the lock screen, and then click the “Start Task Manager” button
  • With the mouse, right-click the task bar and select “Start Task Manager
On Window 10, the Task Manager may initially look like this: If so, click “More details” at the bottom. The Task Manager window should now look like this: To start the process dump, find “Smart Shooter 3” in the list of processes, and then right-click it to bring up the context menu, which looks like this: In the context menu, select “Create dump file“. Once the process dump has been completed, the following acknowledge window will be presented. This also shows where the process dump file was saved, in this case to the file: C:\Users\francis\AppData\Local\Temp\SmartShooter3.DMP Once you have this process dump file, you can send it to us at the usual address The file itself may be very large in size. If so, we can provide a place for you to upload the file to us.