Top Tether Tools Customer Service Questions

Posted by: on May 22, 2020

Top Tether Tools Customer Service Questions

There are many questions our customer service team comes across. Our customer service team have compiled some of the most common questions they frequently answer to our customers when they email or phone us.

Q. What Does VESA Mean? What is a VESA Mount? 

VESA stands for “Video Electronics Standards Association.”

A VESA mount is a standard of monitor mounting dimension. The standard sizing allows users to acquire monitors and stands/mounts from just about anywhere, and be able to use them together.

The VESA style mounting on a monitor will typically look like a “square” set of holes on the back on the monitor; typically with a measurement of 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm, see images below.

VESA mounting on a monitor can sometimes have larger spacing/measurements depending on the monitor. Larger measurements are usually due to a monitor being a larger and heavier model, which requires additional connectors and support. Below are images of additional plates we offer.

Q. What do I need to tether?

There are five (5) main tools that are the foundation of your Tethering setup/workflow.

  1. DSLR camera that has the ability to tether (most but not all cameras are tether-ready)
  2. Laptop/Computer – check with your camera manufacturer for your particular camera make and model.
  3. Tethering software – check the Supported Camera lists published by tethering software to make sure your camera is compatible.
  4. Tethering cable OR a WiFi tethering device
  5. Cable management; JerkStopper or USB Protector for your camera and computer USB ports

Q. I want to connect my camera with a cable to my tablet, what cable do I need?

There are several options, depending on what tablet type you own. If you have an iPad, you could run the Phocus Mobile 2 app and tether via a USB-C cable to your Hasselblad. If you own a Wacom Cintiq tablet, you could run any tethering software that is compatible with Windows. Check out further infomation about Wacom Cintiq. If you own a Surface Pro computer that acts like a tablet, it also will run any tethering software that is compatible with Windows.

Q. What’s my cable?

Use our Search by Camera feature on our website. Simply enter your camera make and model and the computer port you are connecting to. If you are unsure which USB port you have, visually check your computer and compare it to the graphic. Most computers (both PC and Mac) either have USB-A or USB-C, or both port types. If you own a Mac and have Thunderbolt 3 ports – these support USB-C connections.

Q. Do you ship to my country?

Tether Tools is able to service a majority of countries around the world.

We recommend using our Find a Store tool to search for Dealers, Distributors or Resellers in your area. This can save significantly on worldwide shipping and customs costs.

Q. What is better – a cable or a wireless device?

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

A wireless device is a great tool for tricky camera positions and being mobile in locations where a cable is not feasible; outdoors, high traffic areas and more. Tethering over Wi-Fi also eliminates the possibility of tripping over cables, this results in a safer on-set environment for both the photographer and team plus clients and models.

Cable transfer speeds are faster than Wi-Fi transfer speeds. Cabled tethering typically has far less interference creating a rock solid stable tethering environment. We recommend having both to be ready for any tethering need.

Q. How do I mount a wireless device to my camera if I need my hot shoe for my flash?

Tether Tools has an Arca Clamp for L-Brackets which is an aluminum cold shoe mount that can attach to the Arca grooves of an L-Bracket.

The Arca Clamp for L-Brackets will allow a user to then mount the wireless device to the side of the camera, keeping the camera’s hot shoe available for use.

Q. How can the Case Relay power my camera?

The Case Relay Power System replaces the camera’s battery, giving you the ability to hot swap external battery packs for continuous power. There are three parts to the Power System. A coupler that replaces your camera battery. The Case Relay and an external battery pack or a wall adapter to connect to a wall outlet.

Check out the Case Relay FAQ for more info as well as Tips for Maximizing the Battery for more info.

Q. How far can I tether with a cable?

Depending on your camera and cable you may be able to tether up to 60ft.

Check the Learn More tab on your cable product page for the Optimal Tethering Distance chart for that particular cable and connection. Below is the chart for the USB 3.0 Micro-B to USB-A port on a computer. Your cable may require the TetherBoost Pro in addition to a USB Active Extension.

Q. Can I connect multiple cameras to my computer for tethering?

Smart Shooter software allows for multiple cameras.

Smart Shooter allows for connecting up to 10 cameras for simultaneous triggering and easy transitioning between connected cameras through the Active Camera dropdown menu. See image below.

With SS4 Standard version you can connect multiple cameras – but not simultaneously trigger – you will need to manually Detect and Connect between your multiple cameras.

Be sure to try it out: Smart Shooter 30-day Free Trial.