Webinar Recap: DigiTechs Gear Guide to an Efficient Workflow

Posted by: on Jun 09, 2020

Webinar Recap: DigiTechs Gear Guide to an Efficient Workflow

On May 26, Foto Care along with Digitech Rich Myers, Digital Tech and Tether Tools Pro, held a webinar to teach about creating an efficient on-location workflow.

Most jobs are dependent on client approval and the ideal setup is void of having gear all over the place, so an efficient on-location workflow is vital. Rich Myers has created the ultimate setup, which allows him to have complete mobility and flexibility on set.

Let’s go over some key points regarding the benefits of using certain Tether Tools products that Rich utilizes in his usual setup when on-location or even in the studio.  

Power Management

Whether you’re in studio or on location, Tether tools power solutions eliminate frustration you don’t need to deal with during any shooting session. Cue Tether Tools ONsite Power Management. Attendees learned about this suite of portable power solutions that harness the power of D-Tap batteries to charge AC and USB powered devices such as laptops, camera batteries, LED monitors and lights, as well as tablets, smart phones, and more. Specifically, Rich had to spotlight a few key solutions that he considers a must when setting up an efficient workstation.

ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply
ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount
ONsite Aero V-Mount
Rock Solid Master Clamp
ONsite D-Tap to USB-C PD Adapter

Learn more about our entire power management system here.

Wireless and Cabled Tethering

Both cabled tethering and innovative wireless tethering solutions provide photographers and filmmaker new and exciting tools to collaborate and capture the shot.  While Rich uses both cabled and wireless, he made note to show his love of the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System because it allows full mobility and zero cables between camera and computer. Here are a few features Rich had to mention when wireless tethering is a benefit to his workstation.

  • USB-C technology for lightning fast transfer.
  • 802.11AC Wi-Fi connection. Internet access not required.
  • Two-way communication from computer to camera, camera to computer.
  • Transfer RAW and JPEG to Mac or PC simultaneously.
  • One to One camera connection for secure communication.
  • 5X faster transfer speed and range up to 200 feet (60m).
  • Dual high-powered internal antennas for greater range.

Interested in watching this entire virtual class? You can watch the recording here.