Top 9 Features of Air Direct

Posted by: on Jan 09, 2020

Top 9 Features of Air Direct
The highly anticipated Tether Tools Air Direct Wireless Tethering System offers advanced tethering technology that is compatible with all cameras supported by tethering software. The Air Direct wirelessly connects your camera to your computer or mobile device.  The advanced technology of Air Direct Utility enables photographers to work in the optimal manner for how you work.  Let’s dive into the key benefits.

Your Software. No Compromises. 

With the Air Direct, you are not restricted to a third-party software program, but rather can choose to use your preferred software – including Capture One, Smart Shooter, Adobe Lightroom, Darkroom, Imaging Edge Remote, and Canon EOS Utility. How is this possible? The Air Direct connects through the camera’s USB tethering port and provides the same control as it would with wired tethering.  For those needing a companion software, see details below about Smart Shooter.

Versatile Mounting

The Air Direct can be mounted in many ways to a camera or tripod.  It is not required to be on the hot shoe of your camera.  Tether Tools companion Arca Clamp mounts the Air Direct seamlessly to any Arca L-Bracket. The quick-release of Air Direct Arca Clamp for L-Brackets can be easily secured to the L-Bracket of your choice, leaving room to insert the cable and leaving your hot shoe free for a trigger or flash. The integrated cold shoe on the clamp is ideal for mounting the Air Direct and can also be used to mount flashes, triggers and other items to any Arca-style mount.

Maximum Transfer Speed

The Air Direct has five times the transfer rate as its predecessor, the Case Air Wireless Tethering System. Reading the camera card data via the super-speed USB-C port, and using 802.11AC wireless, the Air Direct’s dual-antennas provide powerful transfer rates of up to 443Mbps, 220Mbps throughput.  Typical in-camera wireless transmitters can be blocked by metal camera housings, reducing the signal and range. With this in mind, the Air Direct was designed for maximum transfer potential.  The range for wireless tethering is up to 200 feet (60m).

Wireless Camera Control

The Air Direct is not limited to Canon and Nikon cameras. It is now compatible with Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic LUMIX, Leica models with USB tether – making this one of the most versatile wireless tethering devices on the market. As a result, the Air Direct can allow you to have wireless camera control for more freedom and movement.

RAW & JPEG Transfer

The Air Direct transfers files directly from your camera to your computer with Wireless PTP. Watch folders or hot folders are not required.  Shooting RAW + JPEG is recommended. The JPEG will transfer first, followed by the RAW file, giving you fast visibility of the image and full data transfer.

Uninterrupted Power

The Air Direct has a top loading battery so that it will not drain your camera battery. The LP-E6 battery exclusively powers up this device. There is also a DC port that can be used for an external USB battery pack or uninterrupted A/C power. The DC cable connection allows you to hot swap LP-E6 batteries to keep Air Direct connected, avoiding any interruptions or downtime.

Greater Range

Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz transfer options are available for the Air Direct for faster transmission, further distance and less environmental interference. Due to wireless transfer technology, the speed of file transfer will be affected by large files sizes, longer distances and environmental obstacles. You can optimize your large file transfer performance by using file compression options on your camera; removing time-out limitations in your capture software.

Air Remote Mobile Tethering App for Canon and Nikon Users

The Air Remote Mobile Tethering App, is a wireless camera remote controller app that works in tandem with the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System. The app features an intuitive design and state-of-the-art performance that makes wireless tethering and remote camera control simple and easy from any iOS or Android Device.  The app is compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras and is available for download on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Smart Shooter – Exceptional Connectivity

Whether you are new to tethering or a longtime user, Smart Shooter, powered by Tether Tools offers the optimal wireless capture experience with Air Direct. For Canon, Nikon and Sony shooters, images will seamlessly transfer to Smart Shooter. Smart Shooter does not have a time-out feature, which allows time for larger files to transfer smoothly.  We invite you to try Smart Shooter, which is a tethering capture software that is optimized for use with Air Direct. Smart Shooter is currently fully compatible with MacOS Catalina, Apple’s latest operating system, making this a great opportunity to experience the most seamless tethered capture utility for both wired and wireless shooting.

Key Benefits

  • Mac and Windows support
  • High-performance tethering engine
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Automatic download and display of images
  • Shoot to camera card, computer or both
  • Supports RAW and JPG
  • Can save RAW to card and transfer JPEG only
  • Live View display including overlay mode
  • Multiple loupe view

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