Earn Extra Money This Holiday Season with a Photo Booth

Posted by: on Nov 16, 2015

Earn Extra Money This Holiday Season with a Photo Booth
holiday Whether you’re shooting an ugly Christmas sweater party or an upscale New Year’s Eve bash, a photo booth is never out of style. They make the party more fun, guests and hosts enjoy having the extra entertainment, and as photographer it’s a fantastic opportunity to make money during the holiday season. vu-booth-add-ons-full-setupThe best part is you likely already have most of the major components to setting up a photo booth, all you need to add is the Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth from Tether Tools to bring it all together. Designed with professional and amateur photographer in mind, our photo booth sets up easy, travels light, and won’t break the bank. Here’s the gear that you’ll need – Make a list and check it twice!
  • Camera
  • HDTV or Monitor
  • C-Stand or Tripod with Ballhead
  • Laptop with Photo Booth Software
  • Lighting (optional)
  • Sandbag in order to secure the weight of the photo booth
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI Cable
What Tether Tools includes in the Studio Vu-2 Booth that connects all of your gear: If you’re looking for an added source of income, providing a streamlined photo booth is a great way to do it! Bring your gear, Tether Tools will put it all together and you’re ready to be the talk of the holiday season! Just shoot, share the images with guests, and watch your stocking get filled by grateful hosts. Get more details about the Vu Photo Booth at TetherTools.com.