5 Tips to Become a Successful Digitech

Posted by: on Aug 03, 2021

5 Tips to Become a Successful Digitech

Recently, Tether Tools went live on Instagram with Rich Myers, also known as DigiRichie, where he provided some insight on how to become a successful Digitech within the photography industry.  Short for Digital Technician, a Digitech is a specialized assistant hired to handle all the image files created during a tethered shooting session. In most instances, Digitech’s bring their own setup, including but not limited to a laptop, backup hard drives, cables, accessories and more. Working within the photography industry for a long time, Rich has previously delved into how his Digitech setup has allowed him to have complete mobility and flexibility on set.  

Watch as Rich gives us these main takeaways when it comes to becoming a successful Digitech.  

  1. Stay Organized  

Being a Digitech means that you have accumulated an abundance of gear. Keeping your gear organized is crucial simply because every job is different. The way to approach this is to ask your clients their needs and wants for the shoot/job and then go about organizing accordingly. Compartmentalizing your gear becomes easier when you ask the right questions about the kind of work you’ll be performing.

  1. Invest In Your Gear  

To become a reputable Digitech in the industry, it’s crucial that you have a robust setup with the right gear. But for some, this can be seen as always having the latest and greatest technology—which is not always the case. Investing in your gear is investing in your business and staying ahead of the curve is one way of accomplishing that. But that doesn’t mean getting rid of gear that is deemed “outdated.” Rich recommends keeping a variety of old and new within your setup.  

  1. Ask Questions  

As professional Digitechs, you want to have all the tech knowledge in order to be successful. No matter the length of time of experience, it’s always great to ask your clients questions about their wants and needs for that job or shoot. Asking questions makes you a better Digitech because you take the knowledge and utilize for future projects or jobs. This shouldn’t be a reflection of your LACK of knowledge but more to the fact that you want to have the right gear, the right mindset, and the right setup.  

  1. Build Partnerships   

You are your own marketer. Having an agent or producer isn’t necessary when you make a name for yourself. Most Digitechs become well-known in the industry within their own right. Networking is important because it allows you to have a multitude of clients that will easily mention your name in passing when a Digitech is needed. 

  1. Know Your Worth  

Don’t be afraid to charge what you believe is fair. Rates can vary as every Digitech is different, but Rich recommends doing research as to what local rates are. Location is very important when it comes to the rates. Rich also recommends talking to other local Digitechs and seeing their ranges because you don’t want to be seen as the “low cost” option. Undercharging is never a good thing.  

Being a Digitech requires a lot of moving parts. It’s not a small amount of work. It requires a ton of tech knowledge as well as a knack for process and organization. If you have these skills, being a Digitech can be a very rewarding and lucrative business. And if you’re good at what you do, photographers are likely to hire you over and over again.  

About Rich Myers

Richie Myers is a Digital Tech from Philadelphia, PA. Always on the lookout for his next project, his computers have taken him all over the world to capture just about anything imaginable. From iconic key art in the desert to winter athletes in the back country. He has a deep understanding of technology, meticulous attention to detail, fascination with innovation and a love for creating images. Rich’s art is taking all of the pain points out of a production and allowing his Photographers and DP’s to have  complete creative freedom with knowing that he has their image pipeline dialed in.