Vu Booth Tethered Setup featured on PetaPixel

Posted by: on Aug 05, 2013

Vu Booth Tethered Setup featured on PetaPixel
Photo courtesy ©PetaPixel

Last week PetaPixel featured the Vu Booth. The Vu Booth setup allows you to setup quickly and easily turning your existing gear into a photo booth you can take on location. The Vu Booth has three choice of vu mount – Studio Vu, Local Vu or Go Vu mounting bracket. Depending on the weight of the monitor you are looking to utilize will depend on the mount you need. You can find the details on each of the brackets here.

Simple to set-up and easily positioned in any environment, the Vu Booth can be set up on any existing tripod or stand and attaches to any VESA compliant TV or monitor. Add a tethering cable, and you are ready to shoot!

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The Ultimate Photo Booth Setup

If you would like to provide the option of printing on-site, the Tether Table Aero Master Table is the perfect size to accommodate a small printer and computer. All you need is a stand for that table and you have a complete workstation in a small area.

Complete Photo Booth Setup: Vu Booth with addition of Tether Table Aero