The RapidMount SLX Will Change the Way You Use Speedlights

Posted by: on Mar 28, 2016

The RapidMount SLX Will Change the Way You Use Speedlights
As a photographer you know that when you walk into any venue, you need to quickly assess the room, and make a decision on HOW you are going to light it, and then set up your gear. It can be fast-paced at that moment, and there is no greater photography fear than walking into a venue and not being sure if you can capture the moments the way you envision them.

Imagine having the ability to leave your bulky light stands at home; instead mounting your speedlights discreetly to nearly any surface or object available at a venue without being intrusive to guests, avoiding dangerous trip hazards that can occur with light stands. The RapidMount SLX does just that!

The SLX is a multi-surface speedlight holder that mounts off-camera flashes to a wall and other surfaces using the included specially-formulated, pressure-activated RapidMount adhesive strips. The SLX stays securely attached to the wall while the arms cradle your speedlight and drawstring keeps it in place. The RapidMount SLX adheres to and removes from walls quickly and leaves no residue upon removal with the help of the RapidMount adhesive strips.


“If you’re a speedlight photographer, the SLX is going to become one of the most important tools in your bag.” – Jared Platt, Wedding Photographer and Educator