The Pointe Shoe Mysteries with Joe McNally: Part Two

Posted by: on Nov 11, 2020

The Pointe Shoe Mysteries with Joe McNally: Part Two

Joe McNally’s “The Pointe Shoe Mysteries” is back with the second chapter in this nefarious story about a murder mystery where ballerinas across New York City are turning up deceased. In this video, Joe takes us to the scene of the crime outside a famed New York City restaurant called Hollywood Diner where a ballerina has been found in a garbage can.  

Joe McNally’s Setup

The Freedom of Movement

For this scene, Joe and his crew were on-location outside the famed Hollywood Diner. With his Nikon Z7, Joe utilized the Air Direct, supported by the Tether Table Aero, ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply, and the ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount to have a mobile setup that would allow him the freedom to shoot in different angles. Positioning was key in this particular scene as Joe needed to feature the moodiness of the diner, the scene of the crime and the perpetrator going down the subway station.  

The [Air Direct] is the best solution for wireless tethering I’ve ever seen, especially in an on-location shoot like this,”- Joe McNally 

Because Joe had his mobile tethering setup, it was simple for him to move anywhere he needed to shoot this pivotal scene. In addition, the use of our ONsite Power Management tools that he was using, like the ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply, gave him the luxury of not worrying if he was to run out power at any point during the photoshoot. This gave him the ability to shoot for an extended period without any kind of interruption.  

Wireless Tethering

For Joe and his team, it was critical for them to review the images in real time. With the Air Direct, Joe tethered into Capture One in order to see his photos and make the necessary adjustments he needed to capture the many aspects that were conspiring in this grim scene. The ease of the Air Direct onto his Nikon Z7 brought him the tools he needed to bring this story come to life.  

For Joe, every shot taken was critical to review since he needed to ensure that placement, lighting, and overall scene was captured just right. With the Air Direct, images transferred in seconds for him and his crew to review the images that were coming consecutively. Yet another advantage when using the Air Direct.  

The [Continued] Importance of Lighting

As in the previous chapter of the Pointe Shoe Mysteries, lighting was important for the diner scene.  

“Thirteen flashes were used, of various sizes, ranging from a Profoto A1X to B1X to B10 Plus to B4 to Acute 2400 packs… We lit the scene from back to front, starting with the diner and working our way towards the foreground, providing selective key lights for our upfront subjects. The main light for Nik, powered by two A1X units, is the Lastolite Ezybox Pro Square with a fabric grid installed. It’s over to camera right as you will see in the video. Gels galore, ’cause, why not? I’m living in the realm of my fractured imagination here, so I can make it any color I want,” explained McNally. 

Stay tuned for the third installment of the Pointe Shoe Mysteries as Joe takes us to an even more grim location behind this dance noir storyline.  

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