How to Get (Mostly) the Same Tethered Workflow Benefits From Your iPad, Tablet, or Surface Pro

Posted by: on May 09, 2018

How to Get (Mostly) the Same Tethered Workflow Benefits From Your iPad, Tablet, or Surface Pro
As tablet computers gets faster and more reliable, it’s never been easier to shoot tethered to an iPad, tablet, or Microsoft Surface Pro. If you’re ready try a nimble and agile workflow here’s how to shoot tethered to a tablet. Why Shoot Tethered to a Tablet?
  • Collaboration with a Client or Assistant
  • Ease of image selection on set
  • View images on a larger screen
  • Small footprint on location for tethered workstation
  • Lightweight and portable
Connecting a Camera to Tablet with Case Air Wireless Tethering System

Shooting Tethered to an iPad, Tablet or Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro provides photographers a quality laptop, plus the versatility of a tablet. Ultra-thin and fast, it strikes a balance of portability and power. For photographers that want to shoot tethered, it’s a breeze, featuring USB ports and it works with all tethering software including Lightroom, Capture One, Lumix Tether, Hasselblad Phocus, Smart Shooter, and more. For years, photographers have asked us how they can incorporate their iPad into their tethered workflow but have been frustrated with the lack of available options due to Apple tablets not having a USB port. All that’s changed with the Case Air Wireless Tethering System, which gives photographers the ability to wirelessly connect and transfer images instantly from their camera to their iPad, control advanced camera settings, and view images on a larger screen to check critical focus and composition.

Adding a Tablet as a Viewing Option for a Client or Assistant

As an alternative to shooting directly into your Surface Pro or iPad, you can keep your existing tethered workflow and add a tablet for a client or assistant to view images on the fly. Using Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom Mobile you can shoot tethered to Lightroom and have your shots automatically sync to Lightroom Mobile via Creative Sync and those shots will be on all your devices as well as the web simultaneously. The same technique can also be achieved using Capture One Pro and the Capture One Pilot app. Advantages of this setup:
  • Can be easily incorporated into how you’re already shooting tethered
  • View images as they come in full-screen mode
  • Clients not on location can sign on remotely to view and rate images in real-time
To learn more how to set this up, read our article titled Adding an iPad or Tablet to Your Tethered Workflow for Image Review.
Photo Courtesy of Thomas Ingersoll

Mounting Hardware Needed

If you’re purchasing an iPad or Surface Pro, you’re going to want to make sure it’s secure on set. The AeroTab Universal Tablet System fits the bill. Featuring an all-metal construction, the AeroTab is engineered with a secure corner to corner diagonal brace and provides access to all ports, buttons, and cameras. AeroTab comes in two sizes, Small and Large with either the 2 Mount or 4 Mount Bracket option. Both options allow you to connect a tablet to stands, arms, clamps or grips. Attach it anywhere. The AeroTab Universal Tablet System is fully adjustable making it part of your kit as you upgrade your tablet in the future and is backed by the Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty. How to Mount the AeroTab Universal Tablet System:

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