Tether Tools: Holiday Gear Guide 2016

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2016

Tether Tools: Holiday Gear Guide 2016
The holiday season is the best time of year to give and get the newest, shiniest, top-of-the-line photography gear from tables to cables and everything in between. If you’re considering purchasing photography tech gear this holiday season (for yourself or a loved one), make sure you check out these special offers first!
For the Tech Lover
ca The Case Air Wireless Tethering System ($159) from Tether Tools is an innovative camera controller that connects and transfers images instantly from a DSLR camera to a smartphone, tablet or computer. Once connected to a camera via a small USB cable, Case Air creates its own wireless connection between camera and tablet, phone or computer (no wireless internet connection needed). Case Air is powered by a simple, easy-to-use mobile App with advanced camera functions including live-view, focus peaking, histogram, and grid overlay. Images can be downloaded to a mobile device for on-the-go tethering and sharing. The Case Air App displays images full screen and a simple pinch-to-zoom lets you check critical focus on any image. The Case Air features built-in mounting options for the camera’s hot shoe or can be secured with included quick-release lanyard if a flash or camera trigger is in use.
For the Tethered Photographer
  1. Pro Tethering Kit
    tether-tools-prokit-holiday-offerIf you are looking for ways to expand your business and bring in bigger clients,  The Pro Tethering Kit ($369.95 – $387.95) can take your business to another level by providing all the tools for a streamlined tethered photography workspace. Beginner or professional, this kit is a great addition to any photographer’s setup. Complete with a Tether Table and several accessories, like a cable and cable management tools, any photographer will fall in love with the Pro Tether Kit this season. Included for free this holiday season is an Aero Cup Holder (a $29.95 value).
  2. Tether Table Aero
    tether-tools-laptop-table-holiday-offerAlternatively, if you already have a cable but are just looking to build a professional, and stable tethered workstation we recommend the Tether Table Aero ($175.95 – $219.95). Start with any tripod, lightstand, c-stand, or arm and add a stable, lightweight, and portable Tether Table laptop platform and accessorize and customize the setup as you see fit. The Tether Table Aero was designed to meet the needs of not just photographers, but all creative individuals looking for a secure laptop table for a tripod.  It’s sleek in design and unsurpassed in stability and durability. Featuring the state-of-the-art LAJO-4 ProBracket, Aero Tables fit on a wide variety of stands and gear. (Available in various sizes.) Included for free this holiday season is a SecureStrap (a $17.95 value).
For the Wedding, Event, or Action Shooter
  1. RapidMount Q20 and SLX rmslx-slx-holiday-promo-product-shotTether Tools new RapidMounts allow you to discreetly mount lights and action accessories in ways that were never before possible – without stands or clamps!  RapidMounts adhere to walls, buildings, windows and more without damaging the surface nor leaving a residue behind. Great for location shoots, the RapidMount SLX ($24.95) can uniquely position speedlights to any surface – ensuring light in just the right spot. Likewise, the RapidMount Q20 ($29.95) sets up fast using the included and refillable RapidStrips, securing action cameras, LED panels, phones, microphones and other 1/4″-20 accessories to surfaces. Included for free this holiday season is a 120 pack of RapidStrips with the purchase of any 2 (a $49.95 value).
For the Filmmaker
  1. Rock Solid “A” Clamps
    rspc2_1 Rock Solid “A” Clamps are sold in both 1” ($4.95) and 2” sizes ($5.60) and come in handy for a wide variety of uses. Non-reflective, matte black with a coated handle and tip, these clamps feature spring-operated jaws that hold a variety of material efficiently and securely. Secure backdrops, bounce cards, cables, shot lists, scripts and reflectors or just about anything where an extra set of hands is helpful.
  2. Rock Solid  Master Articulating Arm
    rs221_2_1 Designed for positioning a tablet, small monitor, camera, light, flash, or accessories in the optimal position the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm is an absolute beast. Featuring locking teeth and pad slips, the arm is extremely stable and has a load capacity up to 9.75lbs (4.5kg).The two 5/8″ (16mm) Baby locking hex stud ball joints rotate 360º, plus a cut-out in each sleeve surrounding the ball allows the stud to be bent 90º. One stud accepts a 3/8″-16 thread, while the other accepts a 1/4″-20 thread for added versatility. Each stud has six milled flat surfaces, so whatever is mounted on the Master Arm will not rotate once secured. The central elbow rotates 360º for infinite adjustability.
Stocking Stuffers
  1. Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount
    rslupm-2-2-1 The Tether Tools Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount ($14.99) is a smartphone/accessory holder, designed for mounting a phone, action camera, or small device on any 1/4″-20 compatible photography arm, clamp or grip. The LoPro hold the largest of phones, including the iPhone 7 and even external hard drives.
  2. StrapMoore
    ssmrst-tether-tools-strapmoore-07-1 The StrapMoore ($18.95) is a handy contraption that secures to the leg of any tripod, light stand, pole, beam, table, chair and much more. Use it to secure a laptop power brick, charger, phone, off-camera flash, transmitter/receiver, microphone, battery, external hard drive or anything else that’s handy to have nearby during a photo or video shoot.
Tech the halls this holiday season with high-quality gear from Tether Tools! For more information and to shop now, visit TetherTools.com.