Sunshine and Reign Photography: A Bride Getting Ready

Posted by: on Mar 06, 2017

Sunshine and Reign Photography: A Bride Getting Ready


Sunshine & Reign Photography is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and photographs weddings all over Arizona and the United States. We’re modern and artistic. And we’re certain of the fact that we’re wedding photographers for the raddest of rad souls—those who want a combination of artistically modern images and unique portraits, along with a genuine documentation of their entire wedding day (from before they even begin to get ready until after the party is shut down.)   WPPI 2017 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in early February, and we were stoked to participate as leaders of a photo walk. Our WPPI Photo Walk, which we called “Up Your Getting Ready Game, In the Most Rad Way!”, focused on some of our favorite techniques for photographing a bride getting ready. Since we wanted to make the photo walk as real as possible, we brought in the ah-mazing Sam from Amelia C & Co, Las Vegas’ top hair and makeup artistry company. Sam rocked out a hair and makeup sesh on our bride/model, who was compliments of the fantastically wonderful Jennifer Coughran Rapoza of The Model Network (Facebook and Instagram).


Tether Tools and MagMod sponsored our WPPI Photo Walk, and they were both present, along with 25 photographers from around the world. In particular, we demonstrated how we use Tether Tools’ RapidMount PowrGrip Kit for photographing in the shower. Then, we demonstrated how we use Tether Tools’ RapidMount SLX with RapidStrips when photographing in the bathroom. If you haven’t had the chance to grab one of these legit pieces of essential gear, hit up the links and use the code WPPI17, which will net you 10% off! Finally, we demonstrated how we use MagMod’s MagGrid, which is the essential tool for directing light, and absolutely fundamental if you want to nail that somewhat elusive “shower shot.”


After getting to know one another for a bit, we walked our 25 photographers through three common siutations: a bride in a shower, a bride doing some finishing touches on her makeup (a “three mirror” shot), and a bride getting her hair and makeup professionally done by a hair and makeup artist. We also talked about a few extra “tools” we use in order to up our getting ready game: a convex lensa prism, and a basic string of LED lights.  
In this first series, Amii and Andy use the RapidMount SLX with speedlight and MagMod modifier, to mount a light in the bathroom. In tight spaces, such as the bride getting ready in a bathroom, the RapidMount really shines.
RapidMount SLX
RapidMount SLX with speedlight and MagMod modifier, mounted to bathroom wall, on left
Lit with speedlight on RapidMount SLX
In this second series of images, Amii and Andy use the RapidMount PowrGrip kit with speedlight to suction a light onto the shower door.
RapidMount PowrGrip Kit
RapidMount PowrGrip Kit attached to glass shower door
Lit with speedlight attached to RapidMount PowrGrip Kit
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