Spotlight On: Tether Tools Pro Peter Hurley

Posted by: on Jul 28, 2017

Spotlight On: Tether Tools Pro Peter Hurley
In 2000, Tether Tools Pro Peter Hurley dropped modeling and acting to jump back in the boat and train for the Sydney ’00 Games. During this time, Peter took up photography seriously and while shooting a regatta turned the camera on a fellow model/actor and friend who had come along for the day. Those pictures ended up in Peter’s portfolio and created the outset of his new career. Since then Peter Hurley’s pictures have led him into advertising and his clients now include Levi’s, Reebok, DKNY, Johnnie Walker and Axe Deodorant to name a few. He is continually growing as a photographer, and gives a special thanks to Caggie Simonelli, Bruce Weber, and Josette Lata for making this possible.
Twitter: @peter_hurley
Instagram: @peter_hurley
The Headshot: The Secrets to Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits by Peter Hurley
Published in 2015, The Headshot by Peter Hurley quickly became the go-to resource for headshot and portrait photographers. Peter knows first-hand the secrets to not only lighting your headshots like a pro (there’s a whole chapter on that alone), but in this book he reveals, in the very same fashion that made him a famous name with photographers everywhere, how he gets authentic expressions and incredibly flattering positioning that will make your clients look better than they ever have in any photo—period! It’s all here: Peter Hurley shows you his positioning techniques, his secrets for getting genuine smiles and images that look so natural you won’t believe they’re posed (but of course, they are), and you’ll learn the very same techniques that Peter uses to create amazing headshots for everyone from execs at top Fortune 500 companies, to Silicon Valley startups, to actors and public figures who know all too well how important a great-looking headshot really is. Featuring tricks, tips, and techniques from one of the best in the industry, this book will pay for itself at your very next shoot. Purchase your own copy on Amazon.
Peter Hurley: Perfecting the Headshot
Fstoppers and Peter Hurley are back for a third time with 10 hours of new content on perfecting the headshot! It’s been six years since his last Fstoppers guide, The Art Behind the Headshot, and since then Peter has not only grown into an even more skilled headshot photographer, but he’s also become a much better instructor. Over the past six years Peter has been perfecting his technique and how he teaches it. Welcome to Perfecting the Headshot!
The Headshot Crew
Headshots and profile pictures are one of the highest requested types of photography currently. People who are serious about their careers are also more serious about their appearance online than ever before. As a photographer, this offers an immense opportunity to add headshot photography to your services and earn additional revenue. Enter Peter Hurley and the Headshot Crew! At the Headshot Crew, founded by world-renowned photographer Peter Hurley, they believe every person deserves to look their absolute best when shot by a photographer. The vast majority of people who step in front of a camera are not used to it and have no idea how their face looks. Peter says he’s 10% photographer, 90% therapist and that’s exactly what it boils down to. You can own all the gear in the world, but if there is no interaction between the photographer and client based on trust you will have a hard time getting amazing photographs. The good folks at the Headshot Crew are some of the most supportive, positive and honest group of likeminded photographers you will find. Being a solo-entrepreneur, you need advice and want a group of people around with your best interest at heart. The members of the Headshot Crew are offering that and more, without holding anything back. Every single one of the photographers who are a part of the Headshot Crew wants the other photographers to be as successful as possible.
Headshot Crew Tethering Bundles
Brand new! We’re thrilled to provide tethering bundles featuring gear hand-selected by Tether Tools Pro Peter Hurley with the Headshot Crew in mind. With four unique bundles, photographers are able to select the kit that best fits their needs from the entry Protégé level to the Whole Shabang Package, there’s a kit for everyone. Need to add on a bit more than the bundle provides? No problem! Add on what select gear after you choose your base bundled kit.
Peter Hurley SHABANG! Tethering Kit