Why isn’t my camera detected?

Posted by: on Mar 26, 2019

First check the list of supported cameras here: https://tethertools.com/product/smart-shooter-4/#compatibility If you camera is supported, then check the following:
  • Try using a different USB cable to connect, and plug it in to a different USB port on the computer. If you are plugging the USB cable into an external USB hub, instead try connecting it directly to USB port on the computer.
  • Make sure the camera battery is charged up.
  • Try removing the memory card before connecting the camera. If the memory card has many photos, sometimes the computer will stay busy scanning them when you connect it, which delays Smart Shooter from being able to communicate with the camera.
  • Is there any other software running that may try and communicate with the camera? Such as Lightroom (which may try to import photos) or even Nikon or Canon software?
  • If you are using a dedicated external camera trigger (cable release or similar), try removing this. Such triggers can interfere with the connection if they are not working correctly.
  • If your camera supports WIFI, try disabling this as it may interfere with the USB connection.
  • Some older cameras have their own menu option for USB mode, such as the Nikon D300, which may be set to ‘PTP’, ‘Mass Storage’, PC Connection’. Try changing this setting and reconnecting.