Why are my images not transferring into Lightroom when using the Lightroom Plug-In?

Posted by: on Nov 05, 2020

In some situations, the Operating System might inadvertently shut down the connection between Smart Shooter 4 and Lightroom. If you have successfully installed the Smart Shooter 4 Lightroom Plug-In and are finding that your images are showing up normally in Smart Shooter 4, but not transferring into Lightroom even though you have an active tethering session, it may be necessary to reset the connection.

The following process will force Smart Shooter 4 to create the network socket connection to the plug-in:

  • 1. Quit Lightroom
  • 2. Open Smart Shooter 4 Preferences
  • 3. Go to Lightroom tab
  • 4. Disable checkbox for “Enable Lightroom Tethering Connection”
  • 5. Click “Apply”
  • 6. Enable that checkbox again and click Apply
  • 7. Open Lightroom and begin a new tethering session