Can I set Air Direct as my default WiFi network?

Posted by: on Dec 09, 2019

Setting Air Direct WiFi as your default WiFi network will help to automatically connect when the Air Direct is on. This is helpful in locations with many WiFI networks like events or conferences. Also setting Air Direct as the default will also prevent disconnections in a location where another default network may already be established, like a studio or home network.


open network preferences in top navigation bar on mac

Navigate to Wi-Fi > Open Network Preferences in the top navigation bar.

check automatically join this network then click advanced

This will open the network dialog window, check Automatically join this network, then click on “Advanced”.

Drag the Air Direct network to the top of the preferred wireless network lists

In the advanced settings, drag the Air Direct Wi-Fi network (AIR_DIRECT_XXX) to the top of the preferred wireless networks list. The network at the top has the highest priority.

Windows – Click the wireless icon in the notification area. Select the wireless network named “AIR_DIRECT_XXX”. Check the box for “Connect Automatically” and then click “Connect.” This automatically moves the network up the priority list.

IOS – There is no way to directly update the priority on an iOS device. To prioritize networks on iOS, use a Mac OSX computer that shares the same iCloud account as the iOS device. Update on the MAC computer and iCloud will sync to all other devices.

Android – Prioritize Wi-Fi networks must be done via an App. Available Apps included WiFi Prioritizer or Wi-Fi Switcher both which are free.