How does Smart Shooter handle portrait orientation?

Posted by: on Apr 04, 2019

Photos: When the camera takes a photo, it stores orientation in the EXIF data. When Smart Shooter loads or views the photo, it extracts this orientation information and uses it to auto-rotate the photo on screen. If a photo is not rotated correctly by Smart Shooter, it is most likely because the camera did not put the orientation in the EXIF data. For example on some Nikon cameras, the camera has a menu setting to enable/disable this called “Auto Image Rotation”. Live view: When Smart Shooter gets the live view image from the camera, this image does not have orientation information. So, Smart Shooter does not know what orientation to display the live view as. To get around this, Smart Shooter allows you to set the orientation for each camera you use. Then Smart Shooter shows a live view image from that camera, it will apply that rotation to it. To set this:
  1. Go to the “Cameras” tab
  2. Select and right-click the camera
  3. In the popup menu, select “Set Orientation”
Note: this camera orientation gets saved (along with camera name). So if you close and start the app again, it will still be set to that same orientation. If you physically go and re-position your camera, you then need to do “Set Orientation” again in the app to match it.