How do I connect my device to the Case Air?

Posted by: on May 14, 2018

Make sure:
  1. The Case Air is fully charged (green light) and you have fully charged batteries in the camera well.
  2. Disable WiFi communication on the camera itself and/or have removed any WiFi cards in the camera.

To start up please try the following:
Shut everything down. Turn off your camera and the Case Air. Completely close the app or the software, do not simply not minimize it.

  1. Keep the camera turned off
  2. Create the WiFi network by turning on the Case Air (press & hold 2 seconds, blue flickering light indicates CA is creating WiFi, solid blue light WiFi network is created)
  3. Connect your device to the Case Air WiFi
  4. Open the app or software
  5. Turn on the camera so the app/software will then recognize the camera.

If you get a notification of a firmware update, please update, make sure the Case Air is fully charged before updating the firmware.