RapidMount SLX Work in Tandem with Rogue Flash Light Modifiers for Speedlights

Posted by: on Jan 05, 2016

RapidMount SLX Work in Tandem with Rogue Flash Light Modifiers for Speedlights
What if, with just a few innovative products, you could dramatically reduce the amount of gear you bring to your next on-location shoot, all while continuing to create incredible photos? Well, now you can with the RapidMount SLX from Tether Tools and light modifier gear from Rogue Flash. Rogue Flash, the leader in portable modifiers for speedights, have several unique, award-winning products that truly “Bend Light to Your Will” as the company promises. When combined with the all-new, innovative RapidMount SLX a whole new world of possibilities for photographers to mount lights unobtrusively and creatively presents itself. If you’re ready to pack light and leave the light stands at home on your next shoot, look no further than the RapidMount SLX and products from Rogue Flash. We had the opportunity to test out the below three light modifiers for speedlights and were blown away by the results. Check out how seamlessly the RapidMount SLX and Rogue Flash products work together in the images below, and click each to learn about the Rogue product.

FlashBender 2

bounceRogue FlashBender Reflectors can be used with on-camera or off-camera flash photography.  Attach a FlashBender to your flash and change its shape to quickly and easily manipulate light and shadow in your image. FlashBender Reflectors were designed for versatility, and they can be used as bounce flash reflectors, gobos, and snoots to soften, shape and control your main, background, hair, rim, or accent lights. FlashBender Reflectors are extremely durable. They are hand sewn with custom fabrics, rods and fasteners, and their white reflective surfaces will not alter the color temperature of the flash. FlashBender 2 Features
  • Make a soft box, bounce flash reflector, gobo, or snoot
  • Pack flat / great for travel
  • Attach quickly & securely
  • Adjustable to fit all popular brands of accessory flash
  • For on-camera or off-camera flash
  • FlashBenders Convert to Soft Boxes

Rogue Large Diffusion Panel

softboxFlashBender Reflectors can be converted into low profile soft boxes by attaching a Rogue Diffusion Panel to the front of the reflector. The resulting FlashBender soft box makes a beautiful main light for portraiture because it softens light while reducing contrast and specular highlights. When configured as a soft box the light becomes more directional than the base reflector alone, effectively eliminating bounced and reflected light. The Large Diffusion Panel attaches quickly to the FlashBender Large Reflector using hook-and-loop sewn along the edges of each panel. Features:
  • Attaches Quickly to FlashBender LARGE Reflector (sold separately)
  • Transforms FlashBender LARGE Reflector into a soft box
  • Packs Flat / Great for Travel

Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid

snoot_with_gridUse the Rogue Grid as a hair light, rim light, accent light, background light, or main light to create mood or drama. The Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid uses 2 interchangeable and stackable honeycomb grid inserts to create a 45º, 25º, or a tight 16º grid spot for dramatic lighting effects. The Rogue Flash Grid includes a starter set of 3 colorful effects gels (Dark Salmon, Steel Green and Oklahoma Yellow). Each gel fits precisely into the front of the Rogue Grid, and is conveniently printed with its name and light absorption value for easy reference when shooting Features:
  • Produces 16, 25 and 45 degree grid spots
  • Attaches quickly & securely
  • Fits all popular brands of accessory flashes

Ensure Light in Just the Right Spot

If you have a flat, vertical surface, you have a place to mount your speedlight. The SLX secures an off-camera flash directly to any smooth, lightly textured or painted surface such as drywall, veneer, glass, mirror, laminate, fiberglass, metal, tile, porcelain and marble using the included specially-formulated, pressure-activated RapidStrips, which remove without damage, or leaving any residue. Great for location shoots, the RapidMount SLX combined with Rogue Flash products can uniquely position speedlights to many surfaces – ensuring light in just the right spot. Take your on-location photography with an off-camera flash to the next level – visit RogueFlash.com to learn more about Rogue’s innovative products.

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