Increasing Collaboration on Your Next Shoot and Creating a Professional Image

Posted by: on Oct 26, 2020

Increasing Collaboration on Your Next Shoot and Creating a Professional Image

On a photoshoot, it often takes a team of creative collaborators to bring an image to life. Everyone is working together to bring this concept to life, and each person needs to see how their part of the equation is contributing to the whole. Whether you’re just getting started with tethered photography or looking to take your professional image to the next level, Tether Tools has the gear you need to get there.  

Enhanced Client Interaction 

The Right Composition the First Time

As a photographer, you’ve likely seen firsthand how working with other talented artists can bring your work to a new level. With tethering, you can quickly frame, shoot, and get feedback and better shots the first time around. 

Inspire Dialogue   

When shooting with a client present, tethering can be enormously helpful in ensuring that you’re landing the right shots because you are communicating in real time and knowing what the client wants. Shooting tethered offers a powerful experience for your clients, one where they can contribute and feel a part of your creative process, and you can give them a superior product. 

Less Post-Processing 

When you shoot tethered, you are able to focus on minutiae details such as focus and lighting. It can also help you identify small flaws in shots and fix them on the go. This allows you to have less reshoots and post-processing work, which can enhance your productivity exponentially.  

More Referrals 

Including your clients during the photoshoot process gives you an approachable, professional impression. As a result, your workflow and inclusion of collaboration between you and the client can lead to more referrals. Your photography business is now expanded to more opportunities in the future with new clients due to your streamlined workflow.  

More Focus On the Subject 

Faster Setup

The ability to check focus, lighting and composition on a larger screen is a game changer. Using a viewfinder or smaller screen can result images that are often times out of focus or poorly lit. This becomes apparent when looking at a larger screen in post. Tethering quickly puts the subject on the big-screen and eliminates this problem.  

Better, Efficient Positioning 

Giving subjects instruction on positioning can be a challenging task. Combining visual feedback done through a laptop or tablet with audible feedback can be a powerful tool. Your subjects will now be able to quickly understand requests resulting in a better experience and even better photograph. 

Better Team Interaction 

Better Collaboration. Better Shots 

On a photo shoot, it often takes a team of creative collaborators to bring an image to life. With tethering, having images appear on a second screen can be very helpful when there’s a team working with you at a shoot. For example, if you are working on a fashion photoshoot, this can mean that the stylist and photographer assistant can be reviewing photos and make small adjustments as needed.  

Editing in Real Time 

It’s always better to get the shot right in camera as opposed to spending time fixing it in Photoshop, right? The screen on the back of a camera does not clearly provide the detailed information needed to know, with certainty, that the shot is just right.  When you tether into a laptop, computer or iPad, this can be the ideal tool to get this information.  

Get The Tools You Need 

Tether Tools offers all the tools you need to get started in tethered photography. 

TetherPro Cables 

Wireless Tethering 

Portable, Stable Workstations

Power Solutions

Overall, tethered shooting can be a great option to explore where speed and detail are a crucial part of your workflow. No matter what kind of photography you are dealing with, attention to detail, client interaction and collaboration can truly make a big difference when it comes to landing that perfect shot. Tethered shooting can help you achieve all of this.