How to Tether a Fuji Camera

Posted by: on Jul 19, 2018

How to Tether a Fuji Camera
If you shoot with a Fuji camera and you want to be tethered because it’s #BetterWhenYouTether, here is what you need to know:
The only Fuji cameras that are capable of shooting tethered are the FUJIFILM:
    • GFX 50S (Firmware Version 1.00 or later)
    • X-T1 (Firmware Version 4.30 or later)
    • X-T2 (Firmware Version 1.10 or later)
    • X-Pro2 (Firmware Version 4.00 or later)
    • X-H1 (Firmware Version 1.00 or later)
Fuji makes 2 different plugins for tethering into Adobe Lightroom
      • FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-inWindows ($29.00)
      • FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO
      • The PRO version lets you change camera settings as well as some advanced features like Automated Shooting and Assist Tools.
    You can tether to your computer and drop in a folder using FUJIFILM X Acquire Tethered Shooting Software. Details can be found here
      • This software will drop images automatically into folder on your computer. This is perfect if you use another software that has hot or watch folder capabilities: