How to Shoot Tethered to an iPad with a USB Cable

Posted by: on Feb 22, 2017

How to Shoot Tethered to an iPad with a USB Cable
The Digital Director is the only Apple Certified interface that helps the photographer to intuitively manage the entire photo and video workflow from the settings of your camera to the sharing of your pictures via an iPad. All of the key parameters of Canon and Nikon DSLRs can be monitored and dynamically modified by utilizing the Digital Director to control the exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture and more. The photographer can also effectively, in real time, “live view” monitor on their iPad through an Apple certified cable connection. This ensures the best stability of the connection between devices. There is an interactive focus tool that can be used to choose the right focus point on the screen while the digital zoom allows the photographer to zoom into the focus area. After image capture (or photographing), the photographer can download the high resolution images directly onto their iPad and then check all of the image details and make modifications to the exposure, contrast, etc.
Here’s What You’ll Need to Shoot Tethered into an iPad with a USB Cable:
  • Manfrotto Digital Director
  • iPad
  • TetherPro USB Cable
Improved Digital Director App with New Features
The updated Digital Director app brings new and intuitive chances to photographers and videographers who wish to make shooting easier and much smarter. The Digital Director app includes new and improved features for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air including:
  • Zebra filter to help correct exposure
  • New Focus Peaking functionalities: intensity adjustments and color settings
  • New post – processing tools: crop free or with proportions, blur and saturation
  • Gallery photo sorting
  • Images rating will be included in the jpeg file shared from Digital Director via FTP and email
  • Downsize images while downloading
  • Possibility to enable/disable the Live View Exposure Simulation for certain Nikon Cameras
  • Control of individual or group of new Manfrotto LYKOS and Litepanels ASTRA LEDs (up to 13 lights) via Bluetooth
Tom Barnhart Photography on Using the Digital Director
We spoke with photographer Tom Barnhart on how he shoots with the Digital Director: “The way I tether my iPad to my camera is using the Manfrotto Digital Director for iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7 inch. I shoot with a Canon 5Ds R, so I use my Tether Tools TetherPro USB 3.0 cable with a TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller to avoid dropped connections. Another helpful bit of advice, I plug the TetherBoost Pro into my Tether Tools Rock Solid External Battery Pack to power my connection. This set up is ideal for me when I have a long shoot where I can’t be tethered to my iMac. The setup time for me to hook into the Digital Director and setup the tripod and camera takes about 5 minutes. The whole process is very simple, and very easy to travel and move around with. The one thing I would make sure that you do before you use the Digital Director is to make sure that your software is up to date on both your iPad and on your camera.”