How to Build a Self-Run Photo Booth using a Touch Screen All-in-One Computer

Posted by: on Sep 26, 2017

How to Build a Self-Run Photo Booth using a Touch Screen All-in-One Computer
Often a photo booth operator will need to be present at the photo booth helping guests, running the booth, handing out props, etc. – but what if you’re also the photographer, DJ, or event coordinator? You may not have the time to spend the entire evening running the booth. With this workflow, you can setup the photo booth and printer, get it all running, then best of all, walk away.
Hardware Needed for the Photo Booth
  1. Photo Booth Kit such as the Ultimate Rock Solid PhotoBooth Bundle (includes stand of your choice)
  2. Touch screen all-in-one computer
  3. Monitor mounting hardware – for more information on mounting a monitor, with or without VESA compatibility read our writeup “Mounting a Monitor In Studio or On Location Made Easy
  4. Printer
  5. Camera
  For a full breakdown of how to setup this kit, read the “Setting Up the Ultimate Rock Solid PhotoBooth Bundle” Guide.  
Auto Printing the Photo Booth Images using DarkRoom Booth
Your guests finish taking their photo, what about the print out? Following the tutorial below you’ll trigger DarkRoom Booth software to automatically output two copies of the photos. One set for your guests, and one to leave behind in a photo booth.
  1. Open your Even and click the Settings tab
  2. Select the radio box next to Print and choose the size of your print and the number of copies
  3. Setup your printer and load up the appropriate size photo paper
  For a full video tutorial from Darkroom Software on how to setup the software and selecting the output such as printing images – watch below.    
Adding Touch Screen Buttons using DarkRoom Booth
You’ll need your guests using the photo booth to start up the sequence to get their photo taken. In the below instructions, you’ll add a “Start!” button to your DarkRoom Booth theme.
  1. First, select your theme in the Settings tab
  2. Next, select Edit border
  3. To add a Start touch button, first click Shape and select the type of shape, color, etc.
  4. Still in the Shape Object menu, check the Booth Command radio button in the General tab
  5. In the Booth Mode Command drop down, select Start Session
  6. Select the Text tab, and enter the text (we recommend Start!)
  7. Hit OK and move your Start! Button to your desired location
  For a full video tutorial from Darkroom Software – watch below.