How to Be More Marketable as a Photographer in 2022

Posted by: on Jan 14, 2022

How to Be More Marketable as a Photographer in 2022

The photography industry is undoubtedly competitive, with established and emerging photographers who need to find ways to set themselves apart from their local rivals. While many creative professionals don’t take pleasure from this process, making your business more marketable is essential to your long-term future. Here, we dive into photography marketing trends that’ll make your business increasingly appealing to potential clients.

Tether During Shoots

Part of what makes a successful photography business is seamlessly aligning your creative output with the client’s vision. This means you need to develop a workflow that fosters close collaboration between yourself and the art director to ensure you don’t miss the brief. For effective teamwork, link your camera to your computer using a fast and reliable TetherPro cable. Then, find the best tethering software for your needs so you can collectively review shoots in real-time, make adjustments, and level up your efficiency.

Upgrade Your Equipment

The photographic industry evolves incredibly quickly, so you must keep up with technological updates to avoid getting left behind. With many clients selecting photographers based on what equipment they can access, investing in the latest photography trends stops you from getting overlooked. For example, a top-notch tripod, remote flash triggers, and an array of lens filters enhance your workflow and open up your creative options. When tethering, a complete workstation with everything from a cable to a tethering table ensures you and your client walk away with the desired outcome on your next photography shoot.

Develop Personal Branding

Strong personal branding within your photography marketing is key to distinguishing yourself from other photographers in your city. By showcasing which style of photography you specialize in, you ensure potential clients know what to expect from your work. Use platforms like social media and email marketing across your website to help you develop a close relationship with your clients and remain top of mind when they need a photographer.

Launch a Blog or YouTube Channel

When a potential client is deciding which photographer to pick for their campaign, they want to know if their choice has the expertise to get the job perfect the first time around. While your online portfolio will showcase your skills as a photographer, a blog or YouTube channel goes even deeper into your industry-specific knowledge. By crafting informative how-to guides, articles, and explainer videos, people understand your experience goes above and beyond the competition.

Provide Steller Customer Service

Marketing a photography business relies on outstanding customer service to uphold its reputation. Naturally, photographers are expected to deliver incredible images when they’re commissioned. But photographers often have to guide inexperienced clients through the process from start to finish. Adopt a customer-first mindset by using tethering to involve clients more in the shoot to maximize their satisfaction. As clients can see how the shoot is progressing and provide instant feedback with ease, this added sense of customer service can generate repeat business and beneficial word-of-mouth that attracts industry attention.

Grow Your Success in 2022

In the modern creative industry, few professionals can avoid marketing their business and still see the commissions roll in. By implementing select strategies that enhance the marketing of your photography business, you can make 2022 your best year yet. Use Tether Tools to support your work on every shoot and you can advance your photographic career by nailing the fine details, enhancing collaboration, and providing world-class customer service.

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