How Tethering Takes Your High-Volume Photography Business to the Next Level

Posted by: on Oct 02, 2020

How Tethering Takes Your High-Volume Photography Business to the Next Level

High-volume photography, although rewarding in many ways, can mean days of high stress and an unbearable workload for some photographers. Managing hundreds to thousands of subject files in a day can leave little time to invest in growing your business. So how do you take your high-volume photography business to the next level? 

The most effective way to do this is by implementing an efficient, organized workflow that allows you to capture consistent, high-quality images with a tailored setup. When you opt to shoot tethered, you move into the realm of a faster workflow and have the means to produce better-quality images, which can reflect positively on you and your business. 

Tethering and the High-Volume Workflow 

Tethering in high-volume photography provides a way for you to speed up your workflow and ensure data is handled flawlessly in an accurate and organized manner.  

A Faster Workflow

High-volume photography affords you less time to make mistakes while shooting. Tethered shooting provides you with better-quality captures in fewer shots because you can instantly view your images in high resolution on a larger display to check for things such as focus, composition, lighting, color, and details about your subject to make real-time adjustments if needed. 

Shooting tethered also allows you to shoot directly to a computer instead of a memory card, eliminating the need to transfer images and preventing the potential loss from memory card corruption. It also provides you with the optional capability to immediately back up your files to an external hard drive as you shoot. When you shoot tethered, you can also speed up your workflow by setting up your preferences in software such as Smart Shooter 4 PRO so that you can shoot directly into a watch folder, which can be automatically imported into a high-volume workflow platform such as Flow by PhotoLynxDarkroom, or Next Generation Photography Solutions for post-processing. 

Easier organization and accurate data management 

Due to federal privacy laws, many areas of high-volume photography that involve children, such as school and sports photography, require the use of barcode or QR code information in lieu of the child’s name or identification. Tethering provides an easier and more accurate way to organize images when managing subject data through the use of barcodes or QR codes—which can be generated on sheets by platforms such as Flow by PhotoLynx or GotPhoto, distributed to students through their teachers, and then captured during the photo session by a program such as Smart Shooter 4 PRO. This allows you to spend less time worrying about data management and more time engaging with your subject. 

Creating a Better Business Image 

High-volume photography can be a difficult business to get into without the right knowledge and experience.  

Your chance to shine through 

Most schools will select school photographers only from an approved vendor list, so it’s important to understand how to apply to get onto that list in your district of interest. When seeking a school photographer, a school may accept a request for bid (RFB) or request for proposal (RFP) from interested photographers from that list.  

From those submissions, bid tabulations are formed and published, showing what the school values in order of importance in the submission process. Networking or having a mentor in this area of photography can be valuable in helping you to navigate these waters. 

A more professional look and a streamlined workflow 

A tethered workstation can not only make your setup look more professional, but it also  helps streamline and refine your workflow—which also helps define your brand and puts a spotlight on your expertise. Putting thought into an effective workflow can be impressive to prospective clients, which can lead to more high-volume photography opportunities at some point down the road. 

Take Your High-Volume Photography Business to the Next Level 

Tethered shooting is essential for the high-volume photographer for a variety of reasons. From creating a faster workflow and preventing memory loss to making data management easier and creating a better business image, tethering can help take your high-volume photography business to the next level. To learn more about tethering and high-volume photography, download The High-Volume Photographer’s Guide to Tethering

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