The Ultimate Sports, School, and Portrait Photography Guide To Tethering


Learn how tethering can enhance your high-volume business

Volume Photography can be a demanding yet competitive area of photography in which to start a business. Although it can be rewarding for a photographer to be solely responsible for capturing those special “once-in-a-lifetime” moments and creating tangible memories for subjects and their families, high-volume photography can also provide sustainable business income for a photographer when conducted the right way.

How Can Tethering Elevate Your Volume Photography Business?

  • Better Quality Captures: Shooting tethered in volume situations ensures that you capture the images you need for your clients quickly and accurately
  • Faster Workflow: Speed up your workflow when you shoot tethered because your images transmit directly to your computer
  • Better Organization: Meticulous organization is mandatory when you’re dealing with volume photography to ensure that images are matched up with the correct subjects

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