Holiday Gifts for Photographers

Posted by: on Nov 28, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Photographers

This year has been full of new and innovative products for photographers and filmmakers. With the holidays hot on our heels, we’ve put together a little gifting guide of products – ours and a few others – that will help make shooting in 2012 more fun for everyone.  Here are our top choices for the holiday season.   (P.S. If you’ve been good this year, go ahead and give yourself a gift, too!)


The StrapMoore ($18.95) is a handy contraption that secures to the leg of any tripod, light stand, table or chair and allows you to secure just about anything you need near your camera or computer.

ReTraK 4-in-1 Charger

The ReTraK 4-in-1 iPad & USB Charging System ($24.99) lets you charge your iPad and other USB devices at the same time and has a built-in wall and car charger, which both fold away for compact transport.

JerkStopper Kit

Our JerkStopper Tethering Kit ($21.95) is one of the first things photographers need to get started in tethered shooting. These two cable management devices secure both your camera and computer by removing stress on cables and cords, and protect your equipment from potential damage.

Wallee Pivot for iPad

The Wallee Pivot ($59.95) for mounting your iPad is the perfect complement to any desktop environment whether at the studio, office or home and it has a built-in swivel that can swing from portrait to landscape position.

Connect Kit

Bring an Apple iPad or iPad 2 anywhere with the Connect Kit ($119.90), which includes the Wallee iPad Case and Tether Tools Wallee Connect Bracket. The kit allows photographers to securely mount an iPad to any tripod, light stand or SuperClamp.

EyeFi Pro Card and ShutterSnitch

For a high-power and flexible SD card, check out the Eye-Fi Pro Card ($99.99) that can help photographers in many ways, including wirelessly shooting tethered to their computer or iPad mounted on the Connect. (We like pairing it with ShutterSnitch, an Apple-friendly app that lets you or your client preview images on your iPad as you take them.)


Tether Table Aero and ProPad

If a certain photographer has been really good this year, consider a complete Tether Table Workstation (approx. $265) with the  Tether Table Aero Master, Aero ProPad and External Drive Compartment – XDC. It’s the ultimate set-up that keeps all of your valuable gear safe and within reach – both on-location and in-studio.

Tether Tools Studio Vu

Mounting large monitors and cinema displays is easy with Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket ($239.95) and the system is ideal for event photographers, in-studio shoots, tradeshows and especially educational settings.

Capture One Pro 6

Capture One Pro 6 Software ($399.95) allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to remotely view, zoom, rate, tag, and pan high-resolution DSLR and medium format RAW, JPEG and TIFF images while you shoot. (It’s the ultimate option for pros and a really nice upgrade for series photographers looking to treat themselves this holiday season!)