Creating Same-Day Slideshows at Your Next Wedding or Event

Posted by: on Jan 03, 2018

Creating Same-Day Slideshows at Your Next Wedding or Event
With a couple pieces of gear and a simple workflow, you can create a same-day slideshow that will awe your bride, groom, and guests, and provide an incredible moment at the reception. In this setup, we’ll talk about the gear needed to mount the HDTV, software, and workflow to present the slideshow at the reception. It’s important to not have the slideshow be too long (no longer than 5-10 minutes) and do not promise your couple or event coordinator an exact time, just that you’ll provide them ample notice as to when the slideshow is ready to go. A nice takeaway from the couple is to also provide the slideshow on a USB so that they can play it at home on their computer or TV. Gear You’ll Need
Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands holding an HDTV, sitting atop a Rock Solid Low Boy Roller

Creating the Slideshow

  1. The easiest way is to shoot RAW and JPEG to two separate cards, if not possible, it’s recommended to shoot RAW+JPEG
  2. Download the JPEG images and choose your favorites, usually 50-100 images
  3. If you have time, tweak the images but this isn’t always an option
  4. Either using or Lightroom create the slideshow and add music
  5. Upload the slideshow to a USB stick
  6. Insert USB into HDTV, navigate on TV menu to USB input and play
  7. Ask the MC to thank you and your company by name, and have business cards available for referrals