Apple’s Upcoming macOS Update, Big Sur, and Your Tethered Workflow

Posted by: on Nov 06, 2020

Apple’s Upcoming macOS Update, Big Sur, and Your Tethered Workflow

UPDATE: We’re happy to announce that those who wish to update to Big Sur on their Mac, they are now afforded the opportunity to utilize the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System seamlessly while being on the latest macOS. 

Note: If you have a previous version of the Air Direct ADU software, please update to the latest version of the Air Direct ADU software prior to installing macOS Big Sur. Updating to macOS Big Sur prior to updating the Air Direct ADU software will require additional steps. For more information regarding the Big Sur compatible Air Direct ADU update, visit

Recently, Apple has announced its upcoming macOS 11.0 update, Big Sur. While the exact release date is still unknown, tethering software programs such as Capture One are already advising against Mac users from updating to Big Sur as there will be many known compatibility issues, much like Apple’s previous update, Catalina.  

According to Capture One, they strongly advise against updating so soon for several reasons: 

  • The OS itself can contain bugs which can hinder your workflow drastically. 
  • This also applies to any hardware/cameras you may be using with Capture One. For instance, with macOS 10.15 Catalina tethering was completely broken by the new OS. 

As with any operating system update, Tether Tools has been proactively working with the Big Sur beta version so that the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System can become supported by Big Sur as quickly as possible after the official release. Until that support is in place, we are also advising against users updating their macOS to Big Sur.   

In the event your system auto-updates to Big Sur, or if you have a new device with that operating system installed, we have solutions that will help you keep your tethered workflow intact should compatibility issues with Capture One, Lightroom and other tethering software arise.  

Cabled tethering is always the most reliable way to stay tethered into your computer and laptop. Our tethered capture software, Smart Shooter, will be Big Sur compatible via a TetherPro Cable. This means that our Smart Shooter Plug-in for Lightroom Classic will also not be affected by the Big Sur update. For users who are tethering wirelessly into Capture One or Lightroom and find themselves encountering connectivity issues, we recommend having a TetherPro Cable handy so your tethered workflow remains uninterrupted while the industry catches up to the Big Sur release.

Keep in mind as with any other software update, it’s wise to consult the release notes prior to installing as this is the best way to know what will come from this update and how it will affect any current software and programs you may be using. 

As additional information becomes available regarding the macOS Big Sur update, Tether Tools will be sure to keep our tethered photographers informed and educated to avoid the frustrations of interrupted workflows and compatibility issues that come with software updates.