Don’t Let Catalina Compatibility Issues Disrupt Your Tethered Workflow

Posted by: on Jan 25, 2020

Don’t Let Catalina Compatibility Issues Disrupt Your Tethered Workflow

UPDATE: Tether Tools has launched a new version for the Air Direct Utility (ADU) that will allow users of the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System to tether wirelessly on their Apple devices on Catalina. Air Direct customers can download the latest version of the Air Direct Utility (ADU) here.

The alternate workflow options presented below still remain a useful guide when troubleshooting software compatibility issues when tethering in the future.

Apple has released macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and, as can happen with an operating system introduction, many professional photographers have had their tethered capture disrupted by compatibility issues with Adobe Lightroom and Capture One as well as many other software applications. To date, Capture One has been releasing a regular stream of information on how its users can troubleshoot the issue. We at Tether Tools want to better explain the current issues that may be affecting photographer workflows and offer solutions that will allow you to get your tethered workflow back on track. 

Several issues that have been currently identified when it comes to tethering   

  • Lightroom is having an issue tethering with cable and wireless workflow solutions  
  • Capture One 20 compatibility has affected some wireless tethering camera setups  

With the recent release of Air Direct, we’ve gotten reports about how the Catalina compatibility issue has impacted Capture One 20 from recognizing the device. The chart below outlines current compatibility with common operating system and software combinations.

Through our continuous testing and speaking with our Tether Tools pros, we mean to offer up a number of solutions that have been found to be successful in restoring a tethered workflow into photo shoots. Read on to find out how you can still use Air Direct with Catalina and Capture One through an alternate set up while Tether Tools works to restore direct connection on that operating system.

Capture One Users: Wireless with Air Direct

Tethering wirelessly with Air Direct using Nikon, Sony or Canon cameras? A quick solution to capture wirelessly with Capture One and MacOS Catalina is to download a  30-day  trial of Smart Shooter . Below is Tether Tools Pro Erich Saide explaining his workflow using hot folders with Smart Shooter and Capture One.

Capture One Users: Cabled Tethering   

Even with huge advancements in wireless technology, it is always good to keep a  tethered  cable on hand. In the case of Catalina compatibility with Capture One, your TetherPro Cable will help resume your tethered workflow without impeding in your productivity and business.  

Lightroom Users: Tethering to a Device with a Previous macOS Operating System  

Have an older  Macbook or PC running both macOS and Windows that still works? Get back to your tethering with this computer in the interim as it’s more than likely a previous operating system is installed. Business as usual. Keep in mind if you want to tether wirelessly with the Air Direct, you’ll need macOS High Sierra or later to work seamlessly.   

Canon, Sony and Nikon Users: Smart Shooter   

Have a Nikon, Sony or Canon camera and want flexibility to shoot with a cable or wirelessly with macOS Catalina? Tether Tools suggests downloading a free  30-day  trial of Smart Shooter  capturing software as it is compatible with the operating system. Smart Shooter provides tethering capture for compatible Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras to provide speed and performance for your tethering needs. If you’re looking to tether through a mobile device, Air Direct has an Air Remote Mobile Tethering App (compatible for Nikon and Canon cameras only) that features creative zone control, live view, bracketing, time-lapse, focus stacking, bulb time, movie mode and more. 

Determined to get your desired workflow setup to its original state? You can always go the route of reverting your Mac to a previous macOS version.  Apple has  guided instructions  on how to get this done.  

Final Tip: Take control of your software operating updates by turning auto updates off on your computer. This gives you the chance to assess and become aware of any issues that might exist in new software updates. 

As additional information becomes available, Tether Tools will be sure to keep our tethered photographers informed and educated to avoid the frustrations of interrupted workflows and compatibility issues that come with software updates.