5 Must-have Products to Add to Your Kit This Summer

Posted by: on Jun 05, 2018

5 Must-have Products to Add to Your Kit This Summer
If you’re ready to get off the beaten path and capture something majestic in the sunshine, take a look at these must-have products you’ll want to add your kit this summer.

Charge Your Devices with the Rock Solid External Battery Pack

While you’re on a trip away from the charging stations at home, your smartphone, tablets, and more still need to stay powered up. The Rock Solid External Battery Pack (pictured above) with it’s high-capacity external 10,000 mAh battery packs quite a punch. With dual output ports, you’ll be able to power up or charge two devices at the same time! The Battery Pack provides up to 50 hours of power to an iPhone and 20 hours to an iPad, making it a must-have in every creative’s bag. No dead phones or tablets here. The power bank contains a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and an internal microchip controlling the voltage according to the device needing to be charged. So no matter which port you select it will never damage the device. When the power bank becomes depleted, recharge it the same way you charge any phone or tablet. Its small size and high-power capacity makes this device ideal for supporting your equipment on long photo or video shoots and during extensive travel.

Power Your Travel Photography with the Case Relay

Photo Courtesy of Annie Spratt
Photography and traveling go hand in hand. The desire to capture the places you’ve visited and share them with others is an appeal that will never go out of style. When you’re packing for your next photography trip, it’s imperative to pack light — but you also want to pack the necessary gear to fully capture the sights, people, and experiences. One of the most difficult things to plan for is how many spare batteries you will need and figuring out when you will have the opportunity to recharge these batteries. There’s a strong possibility that you might end up in the middle of a busy day of photography with a low battery, no replacement and no way to quickly charge it. When traveling it’s always better to have more power than you need, rather than not enough. The next time you go exploring, consider packing the Case Relay Camera Power System.  A first of its kind, the Case Relay provides uninterruptible power for a DSLR or mirrorless camera using any standard 5V USB external battery pack such as the Rock Solid External Battery Pack mentioned above.

Capture Nature with the Case Air Wireless Tethering System

Photo Courtesy of Pollee Brookings
From remote triggering your camera with a range up to 150 feet or viewing images on a larger screen such as a tablet or phone as you’re shooting, there are plenty of reasons to bring the ultra-lightweight Case Air Wireless Tethering System out into nature. In this article, Shooting Landscapes and Night Photography with the Case Air, we  spoke with photographer Pollee Brookings from the Pacific Northwest about how she used the Case Air Wireless Tethering System while out on an excursion in the Opal Creek Wilderness.

Mount a Camera When You Can’t Use a Tripod with an Arm and Clamp Kit

Photo Courtesy of Stefan Schäfer
As a photographer or filmmaker there are times that you’ll want to secure a camera in place but a tripod just isn’t an option. You’re in a high-traffic, public place where tripods aren’t allowed, or you need to mount your camera in a precarious place where a tripod or studio stand simply wouldn’t work. If you need to leave your tripod at home but want camera stability, we have you covered. Berlin-based photographer Stefan Schäfer specializes in landscape and cityscape photography and recently traveled to Dubai to photography the skyrises. Stefan took his setup which consists of a Rock Solid Master Clamp, Master Articulating Arm, and Camera Platform and mounted his Nikon D800 camera 73 stories up on the railing of the Cayan Tower in Dubai. “The Master Articulating Arm has locking teeth and pad slips to keep everything secured. The setup is extremely stable and easily held the weight of the setup,” says photographer Stefan Schäfer.

Reduce Glare on Your Tethered Laptop with a Tether Tools Aero Sunshade

Photo Courtesy of Clay Cook
Higher-quality images and creative collaboration are two must-reasons why photographers say that shooting tethered is an essential piece of their workflow. It’s easy to shoot tethered in a studio environment, but when you’re on location, in ever-changing conditions shooting tethered can become more of a challenge. Viewing images on a laptop screen can be extremely difficult due to glare, especially in bright conditions. With two innovative products from Tether Tools and Think Tank Photo, shooting outdoors can feel as comfortable as a controlled, in-studio shoot. Pair your Tether Table Aero with a Aero Sunshade from Think Tank to block out the sun, and see your images with ease.