ONsite Portable Power Kit

The ONsite Portable Power Kit is your go-to kit for powering USB-C compatible COB Lights, mirrorless or DSLR cameras, MacBook, laptop, iPad, Tablets & more. The Kit includes the portable ONsite USB-C 150W PD Battery Pack and StrapMoore to mount the battery conveniently to any light stand, c-stand, or tripod leg.

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Rock Solid Low Boy Roller

Rock Solid Camera Platform

Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

Rock Solid Master Clamp


The ONsite Portable Power Kit is your go-to kit for powering just about anything with a USB-C port within a studio environment. Perfect for powering laptops, USB-C compatible COB lights, cameras, tablets, or charging any one of the many batteries used within or outside of the studio. The kit includes the ONsite USB-C 150W PD Battery Pack and StrapMoore allowing users to mount the battery for easy charging or power output.

With 25,600 mAh, 2 USB-C ports (100W, 27W), and 1 USB-A (22.5W) port, the ONsite Battery Pack compatible can simultaneously power/charge 2 USB-C compatible devices and one USB type A device.

Mount the battery pack in the flexible StrapMoore which wraps around stands, legs, posts and more. The strong gripper elastic on the StrapMoore keeps your battery, power brick, charger, phone, off-camera flash, transmitter/receiver, microphone, external hard drive, and more securely mounted.

Combine the ONsite Portable Power Kit with the Rock-Solid Low Boy Roller or Rock-Solid Tripod Roller, Rock-Solid Camera Platform, and Rock-Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Bundle to create a mobile studio setup in which you can power a USB-C compatible COB light and camera on while completely mobile. This setup is ideal for easy overhead photography or video, talking head video, and product photography and/or videography.

Suggested Use Cases:

Mount Lights for Product/eComm shoots

Add the Frio Grasp clamp to mount lights via its 1/4’”-20 male thread or with the included Frio Hold cold shoe. The Grasp can attach to a light stand, C-Stand, rail, branch, chair, table, door jam or wherever you need light.

  • Using a low boy roller with USB-C powered COB light mounted on top, Rock Solid Camera Platform, and Rock-Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Bundle to create a fully mobile studio setup
  • Powering or charging MacBook or laptops
  • Powering or charging iPad or other tablets
  • Powering or charging mirrorless and/or DSLR cameras
  • Charging phones, microphones, and more
  • Pair with the Rock-Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Bundle and Rock-Solid Camera Platform for a desk mounted live streaming setup with all day power

Product Specifications:

ONsite USB-C 150W PD 25,600 mAh Battery Pack

  • Dual USB-C input and output
  • USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port
  • High Capacity 25,600 mAh
  • TSA compliant / No airline restrictions
  • Charge laptops, phones and tablets. Power cameras and LED lights and more
  • Dimensions: W 7″ x H 3″ x D 1″ [177.5×79.5×22.5 mm]
  • Weight: 1.4lbs [644g]
  • TYPE-C output: 5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-3A/15V-3A/20V-5A (MAX:100W)
  • TYPE-C (2) output: 5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-2.25A (MAX:27W)
  • TYPE-A output: 5V/4.5A/4.5V/5A/9V/2A  12V/1.5A (MAX:22.5W)



  • Adjustable to any pole or beam from 1/4″ (.635cm) to 3″ (7.62cm) in diameter
  • Secure any object from 1/4″ (.635cm) to 3.5″ (8.9cm) in diameter
  • Industrial GripperElastic® lining to ensures item security and prevents sliding
  • Max weight capacity: 2lbs (.9kg)
  • Product weight: 0.15lbs (68grams)
  • When not in use, leave the StrapMoore on the stand, on the object or remove entirely


Rock Solid Low Boy Roller (Optional)

  • Minimum Height – 37.5″ (0.95m)
  • Maximum Height – 71″ (1.8m)
  • Load Capacity – 55lbs (25kg)
  • Collapsed Height – 34″ (86.36cm)
  • Footprint Diameter – 3′ (91.44cm)
  • Stand Weight – 15.3lbs (6.94kg)
  • Attachment Size – 5/8″ (16mm) Baby Stud
  • 3″ hardened rubber wheels for easy gliding and included brakes

Wheel Installation:

Video demonstration of wheel installation

Rock Solid Camera Platform (Optional)


Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm:

  • Load Capacity up to 9.75lbs (4.5kg)
  • All metal construction
  • Maximum Extension of 21″ (53.4cm)
  • Compatible with Baby 5/8″ (16mm) receptor
  • 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 threads on each end for added versatility
  • Weight: 2.15lbs (0.98kg)
  • Integrates with the Rock Solid Master Clamp (sold separately or as a kit)
  • Ideal for mounting the iPad Wallee Connect
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty


Rock Solid Master Clamp:

  • Baby 5/8″(16mm) Socket enables use of a wide variety of attachments including the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm, Rock Solid Double Articulating Arm, Camera Platform, Rock Solid Aero Elbow, Baby Ballhead Adapter and more.
  • Built -in 1/4″-20 threads for mounting smaller Rock Solid Articulating Arms
  • Metal handle for unsurpassed durability
  • Non-reflective black finish
  • Lift-ratch style handle for tightening in confined spaces
  • Rugged construction
  • 5/8″(16mm) Baby stud, with 1/4″-20 male thread, insert included
  • Securely attaches to round and flat surfaces from 0.5″ to 2.1″
  • Weight load capacity 33lbs (15kg)
  • Weight only 1.15lbs.(521.63g)
  • Includes Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

What’s Included: