Workshop: Location Lighting Workshops™ with Rick Friedman

Posted by: on Apr 06, 2015

Workshop: Location Lighting Workshops™ with Rick Friedman
Photo courtesy of Rick Friedman
Photo courtesy of Rick Friedman

This dynamic, intensive, interactive workshop is designed for portrait photographers, photojournalists, corporate and event photographers, wedding photographers, and serious amateurs who want to improve their knowledge of lighting. The workshop begins with creating interesting light with one Speedlight, progresses through using multiple Speedlites with many different light modifiers, using grip equipment, adding colors to your images and ends with mixing both Speedlights and studio strobes.

To learn about portable lighting techniques that have enabled Rick Friedman to capture his on location, award-winning imagery around the world, sign up and join in for one of his upcoming workshops. One of the key things that he will share in a “very hands-on way” is how to better control your lighting. If you attend Rick’s class, you can plan on leaving feeling empowered to capture great images no matter what lighting situation you come up against! Rick teaches using both Nikon and Canon.

Upcoming Workshop Schedule

March 24
Gateway Camera Club Evening Lecture

March 31 -April 1
New England Institute of Professional Photography: 2 day Location Lighting Workshop

April 25
Miami Photography Workshops, Miami, FL

May 1-2
Unique Photo, Fairfield, NJ

May 7
B&H Photo, New York, NY

May 16-17
Hunts Photo, Melrose, MA