Working Out at Home in Limited Space with Tether Tools

Posted by: on Apr 17, 2020

Working Out at Home in Limited Space with Tether Tools

For the last couple weeks, we’ve gotten creative on how you can tether the familiar pieces of your life together in everyone’s current ‘at-home everything’ situation. When work and school are over each day, it’s important we all find time to support our physical and mental health. In this final post in our series, we want to offer up some tips on how you can turn part of your home or yard into a modern exercise experience using your devices and gear from Tether Tools.  

Working out at home may not be as fun as meeting up with friends for a class, but with a little creativity, you can still do a spin class from home, go to Mind Body Yoga class with a friend or do a Beachbody workout with your trainer with a little tech support. Here are a few ways to keep your workouts on track with tech mounts in just the places you need them.

#1. Mount your phone on your bike with a LoPro Phone Utility Mount and Rock Solid EasyGrip.

#2. Mount your iPad to your exercise bike with the X-Lock Case for iPad, Connect Bracket and Rock Solid EasyGrip for Peloton-style workouts.

#3. iPad Railing Mount  – The AeroTab Universal Tablet System and the Rock Solid EasyGrip lets you mount any tablet or iPad to a balcony, railing to ledge so you can get an outdoor workout using your tablet and workout app or YouTube video.

#4. Phone Railing Mount – Mount your phone on your balcony railing with the Rock Solid LoPro Phone Mount, Rock Solid 3″ Mini Articulating Arm and any ¼”-20 clamp or mount you have. 

#5. Mount your phone to your mirror to follow along with your favorite online workout or trainer session.

#6. Power your tablets and phones with the Rock Solid External Battery Pack (10,000 mAh) from Tether Tools.  It will charge most iPads twice and phones up to 4 times.

Just because we’re all at home doesn’t mean you need to go without the comforts of your studio or location setup. Get creative with how your Tether Tools gear can serve another purpose now to streamline the flow of your at-home work, school and fitness lifestyle.