Webinar Replay: Assistant, Digitech, or Digital Tech – Working with the Right Team for the Right Job

Posted by: on Sep 29, 2017

Webinar Replay: Assistant, Digitech, or Digital Tech – Working with the Right Team for the Right Job
The right people on your team can make even the most complex shoot run super smooth. Having worked together on clients shoots for the likes of, Island/Universal Records, President Barack Obama and Red Bull, Drew Gurian and Michael Cardiello run a photoshoot like a well-choreographed performance. In this session the two share real work experiences for getting it right from solo portrait shoots to large scale fashion campaigns.
Watch now and learn how to:
  • Prepare for in-studio shoots, location shoots and the differences between the two.
  • Work with A Digital Tech or Digitech – What a tech brings to your shoot
  • What to look for in qualifications of a Digital Tech or Digitech
  • How to collaborate for the best experience
  • How to set up expectations and work with clients
  • Technical resources… what to have on set with you
  • Setting up a tethered capture session & station
  • Instant back up, file management, color correction
  • And more
  Brands prominently featured and discussed include:  
  • Phase One
  • Capture One Pro
  • Nikon
  • Eizo
  • TetherBlock
  • Tether Tools
  • Wacom
  • X-Rite Photo and Video
  • La Cie
Photo Courtesy of Drew Gurian
Drew Gurian is a New York City based portrait and lifestyle photographer, focusing on the intersection of photography and entertainment cultures. He has worked extensively on projects ranging from ad campaigns to celebrity portraits for brands and editorial clients alike, photographing everyone from Spike Lee to Kendrick Lamar to The Hunger Games cast to President Barack Obama in the White House. He even has a selfie with Bo, the first dog. He has been a Profoto Ambassador and Ilford Influencer since 2014.
Michael Cardiello has spent the last decade bridging together a conceptual photo degree with technical skills developed from years of photo assisting and teching. He was born into the industry in Montreal and New Zealand where he photo assisted and made music videos before moving to New York City. Once in New York he cut his teeth at Milk Studios before heading out as a Certified Phase One Digital Tech. Currently based in New York and LA, Michael works on an assortment of creative projects primarily focused on fashion and portraiture.