Two Creative Lighting Setups at Huge NYC Studio Event Using Tether Tools Gear

Posted by: on May 21, 2018

Two Creative Lighting Setups at Huge NYC Studio Event Using Tether Tools Gear
Join Daniel Norton and Seth Miranda behind-the-scenes at an exclusive Adorama hands on shooting event. Guests had an opportunity to work in a huge NYC studio photographing multiple models in a variety of sets from constant light, to small flash to an epic commercial style set. Two of the four sets featured Tether Tools gear being used in creative ways that we’re excited to share with you here.

Catalog Style Shoot

Starting at 3:03 in the video, the first setup was a catalog style shoot on a cyc wall, clean and simple, featuring a high production level using four Profoto D2s. The station featured photographers shooting tethered with a TetherPro USB cable to a laptop on a Tether Table Aero outfitted with accessories like the Aero Cup Holder and Aero Clip-on Hooks.

Kitchen Set Shoot

Next at 4:39 in the video, the kitchen set station featured 10 mounted speedlights, separated into four groups and placed all throughout the set. As seen in the final photo above, gels were placed on the speedlights in the oven and in the pot on the stove giving off a warm glow. Tether Tools lighting grip gear was used creatively as well. A peripheral light was mounted to the kitchen counter and you’ll notice a key light mounted to a chair, both with the RapidMount EasyGrip. Unique to this set was that all 10 speedlights were used on set with zero lightstands, all grip.

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