The Power of One Flash Tour – Joe McNally

Posted by: on Oct 02, 2014

The Power of One Flash Tour – Joe McNally

pricing_poofThis tour is all about creating great lighting with just one, or two, flashes. All day, lighting problems, solutions, tactics and strategies will be demonstrated, live, using simple gear and small flashes. It’s about producing stunning results that will thrill clients without tugging an eighteen- wheeler full of gear around with you.

For over five hours, Joe will be shooting onstage with every frame shown immediately on screen, and he’ll mix in short video clips of lighting lessons in the field, all designed to show you how to get great results every time, with a minimum of gear. This tour is a complete day of flash demonstrations, with humorous and helpful commentary, Q&A, real people coming on stage to be impromptu models, and covers a wide variety of lighting techniques. The day starts with simple one flash approaches designed to help the basic shooter, then moves to two (and maybe three) light strategies working with speed lights.

Dates & Locations

November 11 – Washington, DC

December 9 – San Diego, CA