The Grid: When a Photography Shoot Goes Wrong

Posted by: on Jun 27, 2013

The Grid: When a Photography Shoot Goes Wrong

While on an outdoor shoot in Florida, Scott Kelby and Brad Moore run into some unexpected weather issues and lose an important piece of gear. On this episode of The Grid, they share an important takeaway and show us the resulting images. Check it out!

“We had a shoot where it unexpectedly started to rain and we grabbed my laptop tethering rig to get it out of the rain quickly and sadly, we didn’t have the Tether Table & SecureStrap at that time, and we watched as my laptop slid off the platform and hit the ground. Hard. Needless to say, my hard drive was toast. We’ve been using a Tether Table & Secure strap ever since and even in just every-day use it’s already saved our butts on a few occasions. Highly recommend for anyone who tethers.”

Scott Kelby, Photographer, Author, Co-host of “The Grid”

Product Mentioned 

In this episode Scott and Brad refer to the Tether Tools Tether Table as well as the SecureStrap – critical tools for keeping your photo and computer gear out of harms way.

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