The Complete Package: Pro Tethering Kit

Posted by: on Aug 29, 2013

The Complete Package: Pro Tethering Kit

Tethered photography is on the rise and what better solution than to have a complete Pro Tether Kit. Tether Tools has released the Pro Tethering Kit. This complete package provides the key pieces to make your workflow streamline and sleek.


What’s Included?

(1) Tether Table Aero Traveler
(1) Non-Slip ProPad for the Tether Table Aero Traveler
(1) Aero XDC External Drive Compartment
(1) Secure Strap
(1) StrapMoore
(1) TetherPro Cable – USB 2.0, 3.0 or FireWire (black or high-visibility orange)
(1) JerkStopper Tethering Kit with Camera Support & Clip-on for the Aero
(1) Tether Tools Cable Organization Case (Standard)
*Optional: Software Add-on: Adobe Lightroom, Capture One Pro or Nikon Camera Control Pro.

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More Product Details

Tether Table & Accessories:

Ideal for laptops up to 17″(43cm), the Traveler integrates with the complete line of Aero accessories. Made of T6 Aerospace aluminum, the non-reflective black platform is sleek in design and unsurpassed in stability & durability. The Aero Traveler comes with the Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty and includes the patented LAJO-4 ProBracket & custom travel/storage case.

The Aero ProPad is an easy-to-use, cushioned, non-slip pad that is specially formulated to disperse heat and is water and stain proof. The SecureStrap gives a little extra security for your laptop while working. The Aero XDC hold an external hard drive and frees up space by attaching underneath the Tether Table. Additionally, the StrapMoore provides a secure place to attach a laptop power adapter, batteries, charger, phone or anything else that’s handy to have nearby during a photo or video shoot.

Your Choice of TetherPro Cable:

TetherPro USB & FireWire cables are premium quality and designed for high capacity photo transfer at fast speeds while shooting tethered. Gold plating and ferrite cores reduce noise and signal errors for the most reliable USB tethering experience. TetherPro cables are available in high-visibility orange or black. The Tether cable is completely dependent on compatability with each camera body.   Tether Tools Camera Compatibility Guide can assist in selecting the proper cable.

JerkStopper Cable Management & Organization Case:

Cables and power cords have a tendency to dislodge from cameras and computers due to normal movement and activity. To avoid damage and costly repairs, JerkStopper Cable Retention Devices offer the ideal solution for tethering with USB, FireWire, HDMI or flash sync cables (3.5 to 8.5mm in diameter). The patented JerkStopper provides an anchor point allowing slack in the cord preventing damage or dislodging. The Camera Support has a quick-release feature for easy set-up, which also protects the camera in the case of extreme jerking. This JerkStopper Tethering Kit includes both the JerkStopper Camera Support and an Aero Clip-On Computer Support which attaches to a flat edge of the Tether Table Aero.

The Tether Tools Organization Case (Standard) is an easily accessible, durable storage case for cables, straps and JerkStoppers.  The Tether Tools Organization Case fits nicely inside all of the Tether Table travel/storage cases and helps keep gear well organized.