Tethering to Non-iOS Tablets with a Cable

Posted by: on Jan 20, 2015

Tethering to Non-iOS Tablets with a Cable


If you’re using an Android or Microsoft tablet, you have a few more options for tethering than your Apple-based colleagues. All three device operating systems have good wireless options, but if your after the reliability and speed of using a cable, Android and Microsoft tablets are the way to go.

Android Tablet

1411674547785998130768 With Android Tablets and phones, you will need to use an OTG connector to connect your camera’s tethering cable to your device. OTG stands for on-the-go, and without getting to complicated, it basically converts the USB side of your cable that you would normally plug into your computer to micro-usb which most Android devices use for their connector.

For software, if you’re shooting with a Nikon or Canon, you can use Helicon Remote. It has some very nice features to do things like focus stacking, live view, advanced exposure bracketing and time lapse shooting.

If you’re a Canon shooter, you could also try DSLR Controller. It too has quite a list of features that may fit your needs better than Helicon.

Microsoft Windows 8

Since the Microsoft tablets, including the Wacom Cintiq Companion, have USB ports, you can use your normal camera tethering cable and attach it directly to the tablet – no OTG connector needed. Also, since Windows 8 tablets run full versions of Windows, you can run just about any tethering software that has a Windows version available. This includes Lightroom and Capture One Pro. You might find the interfaces a little cramped, but you can always use the zoom feature to help get to the smaller items.

In case you’re interested, the tablet in the photo above is mounted to a lightstand using the Tether Tools AeroTab.